Traducción de sopping en Español:


empapado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɒpɪŋ//ˈsɑpɪŋ/


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    • Tears continued down my cheeks, but I could no longer even feel them, I was so totally and thoroughly sopping wet.
    • They were both sopping wet and they looked like they had come out of someone's apartment or something, but I couldn't think of who they knew well enough, down that way.
    • He looked down again; his sopping wet hair shadowed his face.
    • He took one look at their sopping clothes, the chunks of food all over them and the general dishevelment of their appearance before laughing.
    • The floor where his feet had been was sopping wet, covered in dead pine needles.
    • He was flat on his back, sopping wet but not in the shower.
    • Both were sopping wet, which Cixi explained by saying that it was raining pretty hard outside.
    • I sat in the bathroom, staring at my reflection as I brushed my sopping wet hair.
    • The bone-chilling cold cut through his sopping wet clothes, numbing the wounds in his shoulder and side.
    • Suna and Astrid began stripping off her sopping wet clothes, as the others prepared her bath.
    • He examined us closer, nodding in understanding when he noticed that we were both sopping wet.
    • His keen golden eyes showed that he was not drunk, but his sopping wet clothes and hair confirmed her suspicions that he had been.
    • The entire room was soaking and sopping wet when we entered.
    • After stripping from the sopping wet ones she wore, she toweled off and pulled the clothes from the rail.
    • She stood in the door and looked at them, taking in their sopping wet clothing and shivering arms.
    • They were both sopping wet when Kevin finally reached her, but he saw that Amy had been crying.
    • My clothes were sopping wet and dripping all over the driver's seat but I didn't care.
    • Stunned, he slowly made his way to the doorstep, sopping wet.
    • ‘She's going down to the pier with me,’ Jared stated, entering the kitchen, sopping wet.
    • Smiling cheerfully, she walked towards the sopping wet child.


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    sopping wet (of clothes) chorreando