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soprano, n.

Pronunciación /səˈprænoʊ//səˈprɑnoʊ//səˈprɑːnəʊ/

nombrePlural sopranos

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    soprano femenino
    boy soprano niño soprano masculino
    • The soprano sings the text, often one syllable at a time, at the extreme top of her range.
    • When one of Suzuki's sopranos sang a high A a tiny bit flat at the dress rehearsal.
    • As the main emphasis of the courses lies in the choir made up of all participants, space is limited to approximately twenty sopranos, twelve altos and counter-tenors, and sixteen basses.
    • There's nothing wrong with that (the soprano and mezzo who sang in the premiere were Verdi's original Aïda and Amneris).
    • As I mentioned, last night there were three singers the choir - two basses and a soprano - off singing in a performance of the Rachmaninov Vespers.
    • It was particularly irksome during a serene hymn by the medieval composer Machaut, sung by three sopranos from Paul Hillier's Theatre of Voices during the opening weekend of the inaugural festival.
    • A gilded fountain played in the central stage, two sopranos sang operatic duets while the New Zealand School of Dance, in medieval-style costumes, danced around the fountain.
    • It wasn't that long ago when a soprano either sang all of Bellini or left him alone.
    • The Armonico Consort's vocal forces were slightly larger, with eight sopranos singing the divided top line.
    • If you like standard contemporary Irish folk sung by a lilting soprano, here you go.
    • These are sung by the soprano Anne Schwanewilms, a new name yes, but definitely a rising and shining voice in the singing firmament.
    • It's an all out show but the music is just so emotional, it requires such a range in a singer, particularly the lead soprano.
    • A soprano, she sings for nonprofit organizations' benefits and is gaining singing experience through a local opera company.
    • Eight members of The Clerks' Group appear here: two sopranos, two altos, two tenors, and two basses.
    • Three sopranos blend their voices together in eerie beauty, and the male chorus provides a firm underpinning, often through chanting.
    • She played it to the hilt as an over-inebriated soprano trying to sing in an operetta.
    • Why Mozart composed the motet for Rauzzini and not a female soprano is not known.
    • Earlier in Freni's career she was primarily a lyric soprano, and even sang coloratura roles such as Elvira in Bellini's I Puritani.
    • He visited Rome and Naples where he made contact with a number of singers, including the soprano Anna Strada who would become his leading lady.
    • It starred a young soprano Marie Slowey and the officer and the singer fell in love and married.


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    (recorder/saxophone/voice) soprano
    (role/part) de soprano