Traducción de sore en Español:


dolorido, adj.

Pronunciación /sɔː//sɔr/

adjetivosorest, sorer

  • 1

    (foot/muscle/finger) dolorido
    (muscle/finger/foot) adolorido
    (eye) irritado
    (lips) reseco
    my legs are sore tengo las piernas doloridas / adoloridas
    • I'm sore everywhere me duele todo
    • she has a sore throat le duele la garganta
    • it's good for a sore throat es bueno para el dolor de garganta
    • you touched on a sore spot there pusiste el dedo en la llaga
    • Potential side-effects include sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold, a sore throat, tender gums and white patches on the gums.
    • It's possible that one may get a low-grade fever, slight sore throat, or muscle aches in the 24 hours following a flu shot.
    • After waking up with a sore throat, slight fever, and aches all over, I'm now realizing it's a good day to be sick.
    • Topical pain relievers are creams, lotions, or sprays that you put on your skin to relieve pain from sore muscles and arthritis.
    • In diphtheria, the throat is moderately sore, with tender cervical adenopathy.
    • Common symptoms of the flu include headache, chills, a dry cough, aches and fever and a sore throat.
    • I mean headache, sore throat, muscle ache, stomachache, fever, and all that good stuff.
    • By Tuesday, your throat is sore, your joints ache and you feel lousy.
    • My whole body was sore and my legs ached as I made my way to the cafeteria.
    • Her entire body was soon sore as she managed to sit up, rubbing at her throbbing head, trying to massage her temples.
    • A sore throat is excruciating, but when it is coupled with a fever and a headache and a clogged up nose, it is more than miserable.
    • My body was still sore from the onslaught and I had not moved the few times I had woken.
    • He winced slightly as pain shot from his sore ankle and into his knee.
    • Every part of his body was sore, and he felt extremely exhausted, like he had been working non-stop for a week.
    • It is known to help treat wounds, sore gums and throats and even acne.
    • A sudden onset of high fever, headache, a transient body rash, a sore throat and cough are the first signs.
    • Bobby felt quite a bit better the following morning, but his entire body was still sore.
    • It usually focuses on specific areas of the body, such as sore joints or muscles, to improve mobility and reduce pain.
    • Her whole body was sore, and she felt ready to go to bed.
    • Some people also have a fever, a sore throat, deep tiredness and body aches.
  • 2EEUU coloquial

    to be sore at / with sb estar picado con algn coloquial
    • he got real sore at me se picó muchísimo conmigo
  • 3literario

    to be in sore need of sth tener necesidad acuciante de algo
    • He said the annual extravaganza, held in Aberystwyth, was in sore need of funds.


  • 1

    llaga femenino
    úlcera femenino
    a running/festering sore (chronic problem) una herida abierta
    • For the animals, they develop nasty, fluid-filled sores all over their bodies.
    • You can use them to treat sores, bruises, cuts, boils and inflammatory skin conditions.
    • So she was left alone, with her body full of sores, especially on her head.
    • The water is completely polluted in all of these villages and the people have horrible sores on their bodies.
    • In late summer this year, she was found wandering around South Milford, near Selby, covered in painful sores and having difficulty in breathing.
    • The sores are sometimes very painful but generally heal in 1 to 2 weeks without scarring.
    • Melphalan may cause nausea, vomiting diarrhea, and severe mucositis with painful mouth sores.
    • Some women are missing limbs, some women have sores over their body.
    • Peptic ulcers are open sores that develop on the inside lining of your stomach, upper small intestine or esophagus.
    • Or you can mix 25 drops into 100 ml of hot water and gently apply to cuts, abrasions, sores and ulcers.
    • One of the sores on her body had penetrated to the bone.
    • Your partner could pass the infection to you even if there are no painful sores.
    • Painful spots or blisters turn into open sores, which scab over and heal.
    • There were open sores and wounds all over her body and she was hardly able to walk.
    • After a few days, of course, the Avalyskians began to notice sores on their bodies and realized something was up.
    • Children with Coxsackie virus may become dehydrated because mouth sores can make it painful to eat and drink.
    • A mouth ulcer is a painful sore in the mouth on either the cheeks or gums.
    • People generally try to avoid brown recluse spiders because their bites fester into painful sores.
    • He had red sores all over his body, and his skin and hair was white.
    • He was lean and muscular, but painful scars and sores ran across his body like tattoos.


arcaico, literario

  • 1

    and they were sore afraid y sintieron un gran temor
    • we were sore pressed to get the book out on time tuvimos enormes dificultades para sacar el libro a tiempo
    • And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them; and they were sore afraid.
    • The men were sore afraid, but such was the confidence of Moses they were willing to follow him.
    • I pounded on her door, and as I did I heard my own heart pounding, for I was sore afraid that someone might be up and after me.
    • The eclipse started, the natives were sore afraid, and Columbus eventually agreed to ‘return the Moon’ in return for food.
    • And such men were sore afraid for the sons of Kahn.