Traducción de sorrel en Español:


acedera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɒr(ə)l//ˈsɔrəl/


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    • 1.1Cocina Botánica
      (used in cooking)

      acedera femenino
      hierba salada femenino
      • But the beauty of most edible plants - nettles, dandelions, alexanders, fat hen, sorrel - is that they are so prolific they are considered a nuisance.
      • There is food if you know where to find it: clusters of mussels and clumps of wild mountain sorrel.
      • They have persuaded us that if you can only start with a perfect sorrel leaf and a few freshly podded peas, the rest will surely follow.
      • Vegetables were not cultivated, but came in the form of wild carrots, turnip and garlic, along with salad leaves such as sorrel, nettle and dock.
      • Herbs such as wild garlic, sorrel and lamb's tongue grew wild but others like mint, mustard were also grown near the house for daily use.
      • Gunn Eriksen had already been approached to write a book of her recipes, which use local produce and unexpected ingredients such as hawthorn, nettle and sorrel.
      • Other disasters include sorrel that grew well but attracted a nasty black beetle, valerian that soon dwarfed the conifer it was expected to complement, and strawberries.
      • Along the way we stopped as I spotted dock and sorrel and the broad leaves of plantain beneath our horse's hooves.
      • Fagopyrum esculentum, a plant of the same family as rhubarb, sorrel, and dock, is grown for its seeds; these resemble those of cereals.
      • There is always room to include Italian and curly parsley, sorrel, salad burnet, mustard, chard, and kale greens.
      • If you know someone with an established sorrel plant, ask for a small cutting.
      • While soil temperatures are still warm, fertilize leafy greens like spinach, corn salad & sorrel so that they have enough nutrients to take them through the fall.
      • Its simple to grow and is closely related to wild dock and sorrel, is classed as a vegetable but treated as a fruit.
      • Together with dill, sorrel and summer savory, parsley was one of the herbs grown in every garden.
      • Common sorrel or ‘sourocks’, is an underused and under-appreciated herb.
      • The vegie garden looks pretty sad on a hot day, with only carrots, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, French sorrel, leeks, sweet potato and snake beans able to cope in the sun.
      • It is related to sorrel and wild dock and has been used as a purgative for centuries: the ancient Persians valued it for cleansing the blood and purifying the system.
      • My daughter runs by the brief flowers: touch-me-nots among the stones, bluebells and sorrels, solomon's seal.
      • If the herb dies back completely, as do parsley, French sorrel, coriander/cilantro, and basil in cold climates, you should remove as many good leaves as you need before they are killed by winter cold.
      • If you've never grown or tasted French sorrel, now is the time to make its acquaintance.

    • 1.2wood sorrelCocina Botánica

      pan de cuclillo masculino
      acederilla femenino

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    alazán masculino
    • When Custer and staff returned he ordered the saddle taken off his brown horse and put on his favorite sorrel.
    • Only bays, chestnuts, or sorrels are accepted into the unit and that's only if they pass the training, vet, and farrier evaluations.
    • He was cantering down the trail towards them, his bald-faced sorrel kicking up dust.
    • Only a few months later, the handsome sorrel foundered and his bid for a World Championship ended.
    • A sorrel and black were tethered nearby and an array of tools was strewn over the ground.
    • It might be said that they saved the best for last because Bergen steered the sorrel gelding to a 227.5 score, to blast ahead in the rein work.
    • The knights ride Andalusian crosses of sorrel and bay costumed spectacularly in body and headdress.
    • Like any event where you get a mixture of breeds, there were paints, sorrels, bays and palominos… almost anything you could want!
    • Both were riding horses, the villager on a fat grey pony and the nobleman on a lean sorrel.
    • ‘I've only owned this horse for five months,’ she explained from atop her sorrel gelding, Texs Rain Drop.
    • Somehow the sorrel straightened up, surged forward, and proceeded to neatly cross four five-foot fences, an irrigation ditch, a gate, and two hurdles.
    • Rhysa halted her big sorrel next to Myrean and her mount and looked out over the town.
    • Rhysa sat in front of Caleb on her stocky little sorrel, and it carried them both easily.


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