Traducción de sorry en español:


Pronunciación: /ˈsɒri//ˈsɑri//ˈsɔri/


  • 1

    • 1.1(grieved, sad)

      I'm sorry lo siento
      • oh, I amsorry; when did it happen? ¡cuánto lo siento!; ¿cuándo ocurrió?
      • I'm very sorry, but I can't help you lo siento mucho / lo siento en el alma, pero no te puedo ayudar
      • to feel / be sorry for sb
      • to be sorry about sb/sth
      • to be sorry to + inf
      • to be sorry ( that ) sentir que + subj
      • I feel so sorry for you/him te/lo compadezco
      • I felt / was so sorry for him when he got turned down me dio mucha pena / lástima cuando lo rechazaron
      • to feel sorry for oneself lamentarse de su (/ tu etc. ) suerte
      • he was looking very sorry for himself tenía un aspecto muy triste / abatido
      • I'm very sorry about what happened siento / lamento mucho lo que ocurrió
      • I'm sorry about Clara having to have that operation siento que Clara tenga que operarse
      • I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job siento que no te hayan dado el puesto
      • I wasn't sorry to see the back of him no me apenó / no lamenté que se fuera
      • I'm sorry to have to tell you that … siento tener que decirte que …
      • I'm sorry you can't come siento / lamento que no puedas venir
      • I'm so sorry for calling so late, and I'm really terribly sorry about at school to day.
      • I'm sorry for being so damned insensitive in the first place, and I'm sorry about the whole Steve thing.
      • They are sorry for the inconvenience to customers, but not that sorry.
      • ‘I am sorry for Mrs McCabe and I'm sorry her husband was killed - we have no argument with her,’ Mr Adams added.
      • The defendant was ashamed, sorry and had written the victim a letter of apology.
      • ‘I'm sorry, I'm sorry,’ he repeated, finally coming to a stop in front of her, catching his breath.
      • Bob hangs his head and acts like he's sheepish and sorry, but he's entered into a world, within himself, from which he will not emerge.
      • I looked at him, sorry, upset, and afraid at the same time.
      • And then all at once she felt guilty for him, sorry that her timing had been wrong.
      • Ramadhar said he was sorry she failed to understand what he was trying to say, but asked her to note his concern.
      • I could never be sorry for chasing Genevieve - I would be sorry only for hurting Julian.
      • Let your friends know you are genuinely sorry and that you understand why they're peeved.
      • ‘Then say you're sorry,’ I requested, unfolding my arms, getting ready to go back in the house once he apologized.
      • I was sorry for making him leave, I was sorry for not being able to save him, I was so sorry.
      • He knew he was supposed to be feeling suitably contrite and sorry, but there was nothing.
      • I've got to make Anna understand that I'm sorry!
      • And I'm really sorry for using you as a distraction and I'm sorry if I've hurt you.
      • Nasheen said: ‘He just stood there and said he felt really guilty and was so sorry.’
      • He pulled away some, and looked away, almost ashamed and sorry he had kissed me.

    • 1.2(apologetic, repentant)

      to say sorry pedir perdón
      • I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you perdóname / lo siento / disculpa, no fue mi intención ofenderte
      • sorry to bother you, but … perdone / disculpe que lo moleste, pero …
      • to be sorry for / about sth arrepentirse de algo
      • to be sorry ( that ) sentir que + subj
      • you'll be sorry (for this)! ¡me las vas a pagar!
      • aren't you the least bit sorry for what you've done? ¿no sientes ningún remordimiento por lo que has hecho?
      • I'm really sorry about the dull meal siento mucho que la comida sea tan pobre
      • I'm very/terribly/awfully sorry about last night mil perdones por lo de anoche
      • I'm sorry I didn't make it to your party siento no haber podido ir a tu fiesta
      • I'm only sorry I didn't leave sooner lo único que lamento es no haberme ido antes
      • We are very sorry that Mrs Collins has experienced distress, and we are still waiting to establish the facts.
      • ‘I'm really sorry,’ he says sympathetically, putting a hand on my shoulder.
      • Well, I'm so sorry to hear that, because I think that that can happen.
      • Aille tried to look sorry but failed miserably.
      • I'm sorry to hear about your economic situation.
      • I am sorry to hear of your distress, but I assure you that this is not an uncommon problem.
      • Won said he felt " enormous sorrow " and wanted to tell the families how sorry he was.
      • I knew I probably should have gone downstairs but in all honesty, I didn't feel like getting up and having people tell me how sorry they were and how their sympathies were with me.
      • One juror identified as Roy said a lot of people want you to have sympathy for her and feel sorry.
      • I am sorry to hear about your best friend.
      • I'm so sorry that you're miserable, I would help, but my situation isn't much better.
      • ‘I was sorry to hear about her,’ he said sympathetically and I smiled in thanks.
      • I also wanted to hear him say to me how sorry he was.
      • I am sorry that you and your family are experiencing such distress.
      • I am sure they tell you how sorry they are, murmur sweet words of sorrow, and urge you to stay because you should consider the ‘greater good of the church.’
      • A council spokesman said: ‘We were very sorry to hear a child has been injured and the matter will be thoroughly investigated.’
      • Dear Fred, I am sorry to hear that your music lounge has not been making much money lately, despite your attempts at introducing creative ideas.
      • All he said was that he was sorry and he could not detect a heartbeat for the baby and that the baby was no longer alive.
      • ‘Anytime, I'm sorry this had to happen to you’ he said sympathetically.
      • I'm sorry to hear of your distressing experience, but the driver did the right thing.

  • 2

    • 2.1(expressing apology)

      lo siento
      (awfully/so) sorry! ¡perdone!
      • sorry, I didn't realize it was you perdona / perdóname / disculpa / discúlpame, no me había dado cuenta de que eras tú
      • Once again I haven't got enough time to do personal responses, sorry!
      • I'll be back each weekend, so should be able to update the story then, but don't really see a high possibility in updating more often than that… sorry!
      • Another reader (I lost his name, sorry!) has reduced retrophrenology to understandable terms.
      • Not sure what the last part means either - sorry!
      • I don't know why Freya got sick, I never really thought that through, sorry!
      • Excuse me, sorry, excuse me, sorry, pardon!
      • You English-speaking lot are at a disadvantage here, sorry!
      • Great, I was writing my post at the same time as Illmatic, sorry if I repeated anything.
      • For all those people who think I'm a complete idiot for not noticing, sorry!
      • I type fast, and I don't bother to correct until the end… and I use spell check, so, sorry!
      • At the same time, the delivery of fresh water has been stepped up: 78,000 gallons of water and fuel - sorry, fuel has been delivered to hospitals.
      • I may post more later, if I can sort out my thoughts better (my brain is slush at the moment, sorry!)
      • I haven't been able to read Trial by Fire lately, sorry!
      • Bye the way, I might not have the next one up for a while because I'm going away for Easter, sorry!
      • I made this chapter a bit shorter than the others, sorry!
      • I'm going to stay with my grandparents tomorrow, so no updates over the weekend, sorry!
      • And I lost his answer, sorry!
      • Sorry if it still doesn't make sense but it does to me, sorry!
      • But if pre-Christians come expecting God - sorry!
      • I think you might have to hold off on Mark for a while… sorry!

    • 2.2Britanico (asking speaker to repeat)

      ¿cómo (dice)?
      sorry? I didn't quite catch that ¿cómo? no le he oído bien
      • So sorry, just to understand your question, if an ET1 is received, what would we like to be doing immediately?

    • 2.3(expressing disagreement)

      lo siento
      (I'm) sorry, but I disagree lo siento pero no estoy de acuerdo

  • 3

    (pitiful, miserable, regrettable)
    (tale) lamentable
    (tale) lastimoso
    he was a sorry sight tenía un aspecto lamentable
    • the house was in a sorry state when we got back la casa estaba en un estado lamentable cuando volvimos