Traducción de sortie en Español:


salida, n.

Pronunciación /ˌsɔrˈti//ˈsɔːtiː//ˈsɔrdi/


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    Militar salida femenino
    Aviación misión de combate femenino
    • At the end of the day, the Air Force had flown nine sorties.
    • Its first operational sorties took the form of raids against Republican-held airfields in March 1937.
    • First, the Air Force could try to increase the number of sorties flown by operational units.
    • A few sorties were flown with the first two aircraft but the Invaders basically settled into the weeds.
    • Most sorties involve hours of uneventful flying and ten minutes or less of furious combat.
    • Both sets of planes have set off on their daily sorties with vastly differing missions before them.
    • Learn all you can in the simulator, especially those emergency procedures that hopefully do not happen on your daily sorties.
    • That means more weapons can be carried on a single sortie.
    • On another tour there, he was an aircraft commander for more than 900 tactical airlift sorties.
    • The operational sorties in the north switched to training sorties in the south.
    • Their sortie netted the two machineguns and eight prisoners.
    • He said the aircraft flew sorties twice a day in the early stages of the exercise and had to be fully replenished both times.
    • The Ministry of Defence estimate that more than 3,000 air sorties have now taken place.
    • I was on a short, night sortie to reset my landing currency before we pulled into Singapore.
    • We were prepared to fly a few sorties and bomb them for a couple of nights.
    • I served in the Home Guard in the Blitz, and then for four years in the RAF, in which I survived 60 operational sorties in bomber aircraft.
    • The number of sorties being flown increased as commanders began to see an aircraft on the ground as an opportunity lost.
    • "We agreed that both crews would conduct basic surveillance sorties of the same area.
    • They commence flying day sorties and then move on to night sorties.
    • All totaled, there were 1166 effective sorties flown on 220 missions during the life of this very unique outfit.
    • Marine helicopters completed more than 400 combat sorties in Operation Anaconda.
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    salida femenino
    escapada femenino coloquial
    it's her first sortie into the field of science es su primera incursión en el campo de la ciencia
    • The final sortie the following day almost wraps up the week with a hike between Point Sublime and Moustiers.
    • Their only goal came off the boot of Martin Patrick and their sorties into attack were limited.
    • Among his pleasant memories of the club's first sortie into Division 1 was the opening win against Young Munster, and reaching the Senior Cup final.
    • If you like a short sortie you can choose one, on the other hand if you like a brisk climb you may elect for the Masshill climb.
    • Autumn is the time of year when we draw in our horns and make shorter sorties across the Channel to the likes of Paris, Bruges and Amsterdam.
    • The peaks and flatlines he has experienced during the club's European sorties have been akin to those that would register on a seismograph representing a 9.8 quake.
    • Naas might have gone further ahead in the ninth minute when another sortie involving Andy Melville and Fitzgerald was stopped short.
    • This season will probably nudge the Gunners top as they have five home games straight after five European nights, while Chelsea have five away trips after sorties to the continent.
    • From the kick-off, Sweden won possession and launched a sortie down the right.