Traducción de sound bite en Español:

sound bite

cita corta, n.


Política Periodismo

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    (que suena bien en los titulares) cita corta femenino
    • In the news, time constraints driven by commercial requirements reduce the hourly news bulletins to sound bites.
    • In the following pages, you'll find sound bites from our interviews on some of the most debated issues in marketing today.
    • You know, the voters get snippets here, headlines there, sound bites there.
    • His comments created a buzz on the Internet on Wednesday, fueled by sound bites of his speech on radio talk shows.
    • The clever sound bite, the catchy phrase triumphs over the methodical argument.
    • Maybe we do not respond to this study because we are used to having things presented to us in sound bites by talking heads.
    • The human mind is much more capable of integrating images, logos, and short sound bites than it is of comprehending any sort of coherent, logical argument.
    • The average sound bite is much shorter than the average commercial.
    • When the media reduce everything to the shortest sound bites we could ever imagine, what is the effect on the public?
    • They don't even have time to serve up a sound bite, much less an interview.
    • I've come up with a handful of sound bites, but I could use some more help.
    • Shorter has little patience for the culture of the quick sound bite or the cynicism of the manufactured single.
    • We live in a time of short attention spans, fast food, and sound bites.
    • He brushes off the local reporters, giving them sound bites instead of answers to their questions.
    • Politicians know the spiciest part of a speech is the sound bite.
    • On TV, the crowds cheer and the candidates deliver snappy sound bites.
    • Today the electorate functions largely on sound bites, clichés, promises and anxiety-evoking warnings.
    • Maybe we have forgotten how to reflect in an age of instant everything - sound bites, computers, guzzle-and-go meals.
    • It's all government by sound-bite. It's all sound bites and reactionism.
    • They've been hearing the sound bites from the government ministers and also from the farmers.