Traducción de soup kitchen en Español:

soup kitchen

comedor de beneficencia, n.


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    comedor de beneficencia masculino
    olla popular femenino
    olla común femenino
    • Work at a community food bank or soup kitchen as a family.
    • At present we are involved in a food bank, a soup kitchen and twice a month we do a street run.
    • Visit old folks in a nursing home, tutor elementary-school kids after school, or serve up meals at a soup kitchen.
    • When he's not touring he volunteers with Jean-Marc at a soup kitchen for the city's homeless, and at a charity for the terminally ill.
    • Nothing fosters teamwork like serving sandwiches side by side at a soup kitchen.
    • They believe that somehow, by mentoring, by serving in a soup kitchen, they can make a greater difference than by participating in the political process.
    • My mother suggested we all go work in a soup kitchen for the homeless.
    • He ran a shelter for homeless families and the largest soup kitchen in Washington for years.
    • I can choose to serve in a soup kitchen or donate to a charity.
    • Is it not cultural engagement to volunteer in a soup kitchen, to cast an informed vote, to reclaim city blocks overtaken by prostitutes and drug-dealers?
    • Engage your children in service: take them to the soup kitchen to serve dinner with you.
    • After closing hours, the mall supported a soup kitchen and sleeping area.
    • A few repeated contacts in a soup kitchen, a marketplace or a hospital ward can suffice to create a sense of familiarity.
    • A new tenant will take over the house in July, which means the food bank and the soup kitchen have just two weeks to find a new location.
    • Perhaps you will spend your Christmas vacation working in Central America or serving hot meals in a soup kitchen.
    • It set up a soup kitchen in the sports hall that did well during cold weather.
    • He also worked closely with Catholic charities in the seaside resort and regularly manned a soup kitchen.
    • The sisters are also involved in running a soup kitchen which helps to feed 150 families, which amounts to 700 people, three days a week.
    • A Darwen charity worker is one step closer to setting up a soup kitchen for the borough's homeless population.
    • Charity workers are facing a race against time to raise £150,000 to start a soup kitchen for homeless people.