Traducción de sourdough en Español:


masa fermentada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsaʊədəʊ//ˈsaʊ(ə)rˌdoʊ/



  • 1

    (para hacer pan) masa fermentada femenino
    • It involves two types of sourdough starter: konini, which is quite sweet, and sourdough, which is quite tangy.
    • Also an organic farm, it produces cheddar cheese from its own chemical-tree milk, and makes sourdough bread from organically grown grain, leavened with natural sourdough.
    • Bread dough is made with high-protein flour, leavened with yeast or sourdough, and kneaded with water to develop the gluten, yielding a characteristic spongy appearance and chewy texture.
    • Injera is similar to a Greek pita or a tortilla made from sourdough and soda water which makes for a chewy pancake-like texture.
    • They make their bread with sourdough because they have no baking powder.