Traducción de southerner en Español:


sureño, n.


Pronunciación /ˈsəðərnər//ˈsʌð(ə)nə/


  • 1

    sureño masculino
    sureña femenino
    the southerners los sureños
    • Northerners are more cautious and suspicious than southerners.
    • Jazz music was certainly at its finest last Sunday as an array of musicians came together to give southerners a night of jazz they would not soon forget.
    • Although they were diverse, two crucial factors distinguished these new southerners from their northern cousins.
    • I am a southerner, and southerners have a strong tradition of chivalry.
    • I'll give you southerners some credit on that front.
    • The tendency of southerners to outnumber northerners in the army continued to the outbreak of civil war.
    • But I never cease to be amazed by the stunning ignorance of southerners of our great city.
    • In the past six months, southerners have been voting with their feet.
    • In the north people are rather more forthcoming, which southerners regard as being over-familiar and nosey.
    • Don't look at us - we're just a bunch of soft southerners.
    • As a native southerner, I confess to a skewed view of ‘faith-based’ administration of social policies.
    • Do you dislike me because I talk like a southerner and listen to country music on occasion?
    • Was the system of tariffs more injurious to southerners than, say, an income tax or a property tax?
    • As it happened the group was fairly evenly divided between northerners and southerners.
    • The Festival is coming, and with it legions of southerners clogging up Edinburgh's hippest restaurants and bars.
    • Some of the nine were native southerners; others grew up in politically radical families from the North.
    • Hordes of Scots and Geordies will be descending on the city for Royal Ascot at York as southerners stay at home, advance ticket sales have revealed.
    • The irony is acute: while many young locals flee the Highlands, many southerners see the area as the promised land.
    • Mr Andrews pledged he will put his northern customers first and will only be sending southerners his surplus stock.
    • In six years, southerners would be entitled to a referendum to determine whether they wanted to form their own state.