Traducción de spangle en Español:


lentejuela, n.

Pronunciación /ˈspæŋɡəl//ˈspaŋɡ(ə)l/



  • 1

    lentejuela femenino
    spangles of light destellos de luz masculino
    • Dignity is overrated, especially when surrounded by so much spangle and sequin.
    • A galaxy of spangles and silver coins glitters across each back.
    • And the costumes: They can't have too many spangles.
    • The old boys, who fought for King and far distant country in World War Two, drink their lager beside gay Mardi Gras revellers decked out in more feathers and spangles than you could shake a stick at.
    • Tall of body, long of leg, blonde of hair, heavy of spangles, she stepped right out with a megawatt grin and a snappy prance.
    • Still, it is now more than 20 years since Abba hung up their spangles.
    • You will need two tissues: one to wipe your eyes, and one to mop up the spangle.