Translation of spaniel in Spanish:


spaniel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈspanj(ə)l//ˈspænjəl/


  • 1

    spaniel masculine
    • The feet should be examined daily, especially the hairy types of dog such as spaniels, for the presence of thorns.
    • I have also seen under-exercised dogs, spaniels in particular, lie around in a depressed and emotionally blackmailing way, glancing with sad brown eyes out of the window until you give in and throw yourself into a gale force 9.
    • Surely a pug is no match for the loyalty of a spaniel?
    • At night, Timothy's dog, a black and white spaniel, sits by the front door, waiting.
    • In the Middle Ages, a type of spaniel was bred, the ancestor of some of our modern spaniels, that would naturally crouch when it located game.
    • One day he took me for a walk with Miko, one of his dogs, an ancient milky-eyed spaniel.
    • The spaniel's hunting talents quickly made the dog a favorite in England.