Traducción de spare tire en Español:

spare tire

rueda de repuesto, n.

(British spare tyre)


  • 1

    rueda de repuesto femenino
    rueda de recambio femenino España
    llanta de refacción femenino México
    auxiliar femenino Río de la Plata
    • Take water and a spare tire, and make sure that someone back at the hotel knows if you're going to try to trek all the way to the Marine landing site.
    • Check your spare tire and make sure you have one.
    • With all this time we spend in our vehicles you would think people would include more safety equipment in their trunks than just a jack and spare tire, but they don't.
    • Fifth wheel is better than spare tire in the garage.
    • By Feb. 23, at least 20 truck and car tires - including spare tires mounted on the front and back of trucks - had been pierced by a sharp instrument, possibly an ice pick.
  • 2coloquial

    (fat around waist)
    michelines masculino coloquial
    llanta femenino coloquial
    rollo masculino
    • Men's health magazines, for example, repeatedly run exhortations containing ways to lose love handles and spare tires so their stomachs will come to resemble those featured prominently on every single self-esteem-battering cover.
    • I set myself a program of losing weight and getting rid of the spare tyre around the waist.
    • People with serious spare tires around their middle do win bowling tournaments.
    • Add two months of nearly nonstop high-calorie party fare, and it's no wonder so many of us greet spring with a spare tire around our middle.