Traducción de spark en Español:


chispa, n.

Pronunciación /spɑːk//spɑrk/


  • 1

    • 1.1(from fire, flint)

      chispa femenino
      it was the spark which rekindled my love for her fue la chispa que volvió a encender mi amor por ella
      • to make sparks fly armar una bronca
      • sparks will fly when he finds out la que se va a armar cuando se entere
      • Their swords clashed together, emitting sparks, and making a horrible screeching sound.
      • When the glass was empty, Jacob shook his head, throwing off sparks.
      • Once again the floor was filled with sparks and fire.
      • Berndon shouted when he finally coaxed the small spark into a flaming fire.
      • Special effects such as fire, smoke and sparks add greatly to the atmosphere.
      • The Duke threw his piece of meat into the fire, causing sparks, and got up.
      • The pipes are broken and, caused by metal rubbing hard against metal, sparks ignite the gas.
      • Some of the footprints still held the fire sparks in them.
      • The striking of steel against steel threw dazzling sparks in every direction.
      • Not only did it protect him from predators, it also helped him in his hunt for food and it provided him with the sparks needed to make fire.
      • Two stones rubbed themselves together and a spark lit and a fire was kindled on the wood piece.
      • Rannyn rolled his eyes and threw more wood on the fire sending sparks everywhere.
      • A full moon hung over the small camp, the sparks from the fire dancing in its glow.
      • Keep the woodpile far enough away from the fire so sparks and flames cannot reach it.
      • She shaded her eyes and crouched beside him, the fire crackling and sending sparks into the morning air.
      • In a panic, he sprayed the computer with the makeshift flamethrower, and the monitor of his computer exploded in a shower of sparks and fire.
      • The two work well together, striking sparks when the need arises.

    • 1.2Electricidad

      chispa femenino

    • 1.3

      the spark el encendido

  • 2

    • 2.1(liveliness)

      chispa femenino
      she's lost some of her spark ya no tiene la chispa / la gracia de antes
      • She had that gleam in her eyes, that nutty, excited spark.
      • It was a memorable concert, but it lacked the energy and spark that I'd heard on his live albums.
      • The job just didn't provide me with the spark, excitement, and the security I needed.
      • And it reminds you, I think, when you work with young actors and young film-makers, that spark that you initially had.
      • Nothing has a spark or spirit of contemporary Aphex Twin.
      • The lyrics don't seem to communicate anything, and there's no vitality, passion, or spark in the musical performance.
      • What was the initial spark that got you interested in acting?
      • Your creative spark is stronger, and your sense of confidence and flow calms everyone around you.

    • 2.2(trace)

      pizca femenino
      if you had a spark of decency/intelligence about you si tuvieras una pizca de decencia/inteligencia
      • Ann's eyes narrowed and Ryan saw a spark of anger there.
      • That thought kindled a tiny spark of hope in Sorsha.
      • Did I imagine it or was there a gleam of expectation, a spark of hope in his eyes?
      • In response, a sudden spark of intense jealousy stabbed through Kaezik before he stifled it and pushed it firmly from his thoughts.
      • Finally a spark of anger flared in her mother's eyes.
      • He laughed at me, which sent a small spark of anger through me but I was too tired to really care.
      • When I was around him, his face seemed to show a small spark of happiness.
      • In a spark of anger he hated everything about Amy, from her ugly light brown hair, to her even uglier sneakers.
      • No one in this film shows a spark of charismatic quality, much less any halfhearted attempts at believable characterization.
      • He looked up, meeting Mac's gaze with a spark of curiosity.
      • I hate being quizzed, so a little spark of anger flared in me.
      • A spark of hope flared, when he thought of how it could've happened so long ago.
      • The pretty green eyes didn't hold a trace of disgust or annoyance, just mild interest and a spark of something close to fear.
      • Vicky's eyes darted anxiously and there was a spark of fear.
      • She looked up and over at me, a spark of anger in her eyes.
      • She squeezed lightly and I turned to face her, saw the compassion and grief and the tiny spark of hope burning in those icy blue eyes.
      • The real passion, the spark of life, takes place in the kitchen.
      • She saw in his eyes a spark of anger and trepidation, as he said nothing.
      • Through a series of chance encounters, Allie and Noah meet once more and find the spark of their previous romance is still very much alive.
      • I tried to ignore the spark of interest that entered her eyes.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    hacer estallar
    (curiosity/interest) suscitar
    (curiosity/interest) despertar
    (criticism) provocar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (fire) chisporrotear
    (fire) echar chispas
    (fire) chispear
    (electrode/spark plug) echar chispas
    (spark plug/electrode) despedir chispas