Hay 2 traducciones principales de spat en Español

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rencilla, n.

Pronunciación /spat//spæt/


  • 1coloquial

    rencilla femenino
    discusión femenino
    • It was the usual routine, after one of their spats Antony would go in angry at her, and come out groveling at her feet to take him back.
    • They often had tiny spats about Maddie's aversion to anything girlish or even hinting towards being a woman.
    • He said he believed that most inter-union spats were caused by unhappiness with the service provided, rather than active ‘poaching’ by another union.
    • Soon after we met, Slater was in the papers again after his wife allegedly broke a glass over his head during a violent spat.
    • Sandy and I have had spats in the past, and we're going to have them going forward.
    • After endless bickering, they overcome their spats and, together again (perhaps still drunk), fight their way to a glorious victory.
    • After a year of bitter public spats with powerful group chieftains - especially in the steel and hotel businesses - Tata ousted them and installed new management.
    • You guys were having another one of you lover's spats, weren't you?
    • Occasionally, there seemed to be a personal edge to their courtroom spats.
    • However, eighteenth-century England was not without its religious spats.
    • As much as we had spats, I had to admit: the guy is great.
    • There still were the little daily spats between them.
    • They're typical brothers, so they get into these little spats with each other sometimes, and they separate them.
    • Family comes first - and petty spats and annoyances are put aside for the greater good of the Shaws.
    • Her sister never told anyone about their little spats.
    • Almost immediately they run into a pointless spat with local tough guys that spirals into a violent feud.
    • We've been together for 35 minutes and nary a spat yet.
    • Since she moved in, most of my spats with Martin over things like dishes and toothpaste tops have virtually disappeared - she just quietly does things.
    • God, how I hated to be put in the middle of their spats.
    • Fay and Dave seldom fought and when they did it was usually little spats, bought on by Fay's fiery personality.
  • 2

    hueva de ostra femenino
  • 3spats plural

    polainas femenino
    • His father was dressed in a rubber macintosh, with thick domestic gloves, spats, and a trilby hat.
    • You can also take off those spats and gauntlets.
    • Flustered, the blonde boy untied his spats, and took off one of his sock-shoes, sort of hopping around on one foot while doing so.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de spat en Español

: spat1spat2