Traducción de special correspondent en Español:

special correspondent

enviado especial, n.


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    enviado especial masculino
    enviada especial femenino
    • As late as 1846, only Baltimore and Washington, D.C., papers assigned special correspondents to cover Congress.
    • He's a special correspondent for ‘Vanity Fair.’
    • Hansraj Vohra, worked as a special correspondent of The Statesman, The Times of India and the Deccan Herald in that order.
    • As CNN's special correspondent in, he became a household name in the US.
    • He's the special correspondent for ‘Vanity Fair’.
    • We're talking Hollywood tonight with somebody who knows it so well, Dominick Dunne, special correspondent for ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine.
    • From 1908 he was reporter, special correspondent, and leader-writer on the Sydney Morning Herald.
    • Onlookers from both sides crowded round, including all three special correspondents.
    • New programmes were planned, including a puppet show called ‘It's a Small World ’, the special correspondent revealed.
    • Now, Dominick Dunne is a journalist, a special correspondent for ‘Vanity Fair,’ but is also an outspoken victims rights advocate.
    • In 1867 Stanley became special correspondent for the New York Herald.
    • Today, virtually no newspaper and no television network has such a special correspondent.
    • He is a special correspondent for the Pakistani publication Journal.
    • There are few women reporters and special correspondents.
    • She's also special correspondent for CBS news.
    • Various special correspondents, toxicologists and commercial risk consultants were wheeled out to discuss the dangers posed by such a device.
    • He's a special correspondent for ‘Vanity Fair,’ best - selling author.
    • She's special correspondent for ‘Talk’ magazine.
    • It is a good thing that Swiss special correspondents have dared to travel to the country.