Traducción de Special Forces en Español:

Special Forces

Fuerzas Especiales, n.

sustantivo plural

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    Fuerzas Especiales femenino
    • His special forces operatives were set and ready.
    • The Lampreys landed without a hitch, and the Republican Navy special forces emerged from the craft.
    • This is just the perfect situation to employ special forces soldiers.
    • A U.S. official told CNN that in fact an operation has taken place tonight involving U.S. special forces and Army Rangers.
    • I am very uncomfortable with reading elsewhere that military members in the special forces operate commonly out of uniform.
    • We have extraordinary special forces.
    • They were joined in January by a contingent of U.S. special forces who are officially here on a counterterrorism training mission.
    • Officials say that United States special forces have conducted operations inside the country in the past few days.
    • He spent five years in the army's special forces branch before being seconded to AIS for paramilitary operations.
    • She had spent eight years in the army, wanting to go into special forces, but being restricted because she was a woman.
    • Welshman David Jones is a former British special forces operative now working in a freelance capacity for a secret organization codenamed IGI.
    • The missions take place in several different locations in today's world, with the players acting as members of military special forces units.
    • The world is not black and white, and there are subtle implications in the big decisions that are made beyond the control of the special forces soldier.
    • At 19, she's the youngest special forces unit in the US military.
    • He advocates smaller, lighter and faster troop deployments with a relatively high proportion of special forces.
    • Already 660 soldiers and 160 special forces are operating there.
    • Alfa Group was the special forces unit of Russia.