Traducción de speciality en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌspɛʃɪˈalɪti//ˌspɛʃiˈælədi/

nombrePlural specialities


  • 1

    • A speciality of Ma Li is the so-called woodblock reduction technique that he and other artists developed in Yunnan.
    • Cleaning and tidying was not her speciality.
    • ‘Ice wine’ is a speciality of these parts.
    • Such thinkers rarely wish to venture outside their speciality, and rarely wish to comment on large-scale issues.
    • Desultory talk is a speciality of mine
    • He has won medals in both the 100m and 200m, but his speciality is the 200m.
    • Keeping people at arm's length was my speciality.
    • New workers were and still are assigned randomly to different specialities.
    • Its speciality is coffee mugs with the stamp ‘Bone Tibet’.
    • The management of pain is the speciality of Dr Andrew Lawson.
    • One speciality of Nurnberg craftsmen was metalworking.
    • The third speciality of the artist were landscapes prints.