Traducción de specially en Español:


especialmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈspɛʃəli//ˈspɛʃəli/


  • 1

    I bought it specially for you lo compré especialmente / expresamente para ti
    • He commissioned a massive mahogany bed to be specially carved and it isn't finished yet.
    • The money is being raised through schemes specially floated for this purpose.
    • You can buy hair products specially formulated to remove some chlorine buildup and restore body.
    • We were the first to go behind the scenes into his specially designed Vegas dressing room.
    • A good seamstress can design clothes specially for you.
    • Apart from the specially commissioned coronation pictures, none of the 1689 woodcuts were new.
    • Even the specially designed door hinges were made in an on-site forge.
    • The layered dessert is pre-portioned in a specially designed paper board cup.
    • Once it was comfortable, she asked him for the tanks, the gloves, and then the specially designed mask.
    • Web templates are designed specially for easy and straight to the point customization to take place.
    • By the twentieth century, using specially purchased fabrics appears to have become the norm.
    • There is little to suggest that it was specially commissioned.
    • This building is specially designed for corn storage.
    • The Snore Stopper is a watch-like device that is specially designed to stop people from snoring.
    • The grid was connected at the intersections by specially designed node clamps.
    • Santee's specially designed steam spraying system is utilized before any trailer is loaded.
    • Lord's work is illustrated with 450 specially commissioned full-colour images.
    • The entire area, including the steam room and shower room, is tiled in specially commissioned mosaic.
    • A specially commissioned work of art was given to the winning sponsor.
    • Rei pulled out a pair of specially designed sunglasses.
  • 2

    (for special purpose)
    music composed specially for the occasion música compuesta especialmente / expresamente para la ocasión
  • 3

    (difficult/long) particularmente
    why did you choose that one specially? ¿por qué escogió ese precisamente / en particular?