Traducción de spectate en Español:


mirar, v.

Pronunciación /spɛkˈteɪt//spɛkˈteɪt/

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    I'm only going to spectate solo voy de espectador
    • Then still at school, Noel was in Japan spectating four years ago, but will now be performing for the crowds.
    • Women were banned from competing and spectating at the original Games, and shot put is barely 100 years old, so the direct linkage with the ancient past was tenuous.
    • I was a basketball player before I took up rugby and I never really paid attention to the games, and I was soon too busy playing to spectate.
    • About his sporting switch Scott said: ‘I've always been into motor-cycling but I never competed, I just spectated until two years ago.’
    • The three-day event sounds packed with chances to shop, have a go, or just spectate while the professionals show you how it's done.
    • For those who would rather spectate, the veranda is the perfect spot.
    • Jaguar market research reveals that compared to owners of saloon cars, estate car drivers are more likely to participate in sports such as skiing, cycling and windsurfing, than they are to spectate.
    • Eyes turned to the archery range just outside the castle to view the shooters and spectate upon their competition.
    • The outside world seems content just to spectate.
    • Rules were strict, games were timed and each player had to write down their moves, while parents were not allowed to spectate during the early minutes of the match, so as not to put off the players.
    • Thus we are left to wonder who exactly is spectating here.
    • Undeterred, my husband joined our friends for a skating session, while I stood on the raised platform round the edge with my three year old to spectate.
    • All around, the crowds were milling, all ages, some going to take part, most spectating.
    • But, interestingly, a total of 265,000 spectated at these two games.
    • Barely anyone shows up to spectate outside of those tagging along with the bunch.
    • We spectated as the traffic merged uneasily and shifted itself past the complex intersection at midday.
    • We were so full, in fact, that we were only able to spectate as those brave enough swept elegantly (or not so, in some cases) round the dance floor to the soft sounds of the hotel's resident band.
    • If you still don't know what I mean, have a look at one of the games listed on this site; play it, and find out what it is like to interact rather than just to spectate.
    • But in comedy you cannot be allowed to sit back and spectate.
    • As the party began, it was difficult to tell who was performing and who was spectating.