Traducción de speechify en Español:


perorar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈspitʃəˌfaɪ//ˈspiːtʃɪfʌɪ/

verbo intransitivospeechifies, speechified, speechifying


  • 1

    perorar coloquial
    discursear coloquial
    • The characters don't so much speak as speechify, in arias out of second-rate literature.
    • The good fight the bad without pausing to speechify about trade federations.
    • Over the course of the campaign, though, her speechifying grew sharper, more forceful.
    • Thomas' talent for speechifying at news conferences dates to her career as a reporter.
    • It is full of moral speechifying and erudite detail and has a convoluted plot replete with melodramatic deaths and wonderful recoveries and coincidences.
    • The Progressive Democrats gathered in Limerick last night for 36 hours of low-grade scheming, non-stop speechifying and back-slapping, commonly called the national conference.
    • You can, says Mark French of Leading Authorities, a top speaking agency, make a seven-figure income from speechifying alone.
    • For the second night in a row, there is little speechifying and much music.
    • After the applause had died down, Hector prepared to speechify.
    • Hey, I know it's Friday, and all anybody wants to do is get together with friends at the Sizzler, so I'll knock off the speechifying.
    • Her speechifying was made fun of, and her black and white, self-righteous attitude grew out of her own long-running self-involvement; it was very obviously intended as a character flaw.
    • In the first act, every character embodies a political position, and all but Belle herself, who's too busy scrubbing floors and nursing her baby, spend a lot of time speechifying.
    • The script contains no dialogue, only speechifying; there are no characters, only stereotypes.
    • And, of course, they're cutting from that dialogue to David speechifying about ‘doing the right thing.’
    • It was powerful, compelling, emotional, and in sharp contrast to the prepackaged speechifying we are so accustomed to hearing from politicians.
    • O'Rowe's adaptation strips the play down to its essentials and presents a spare and tight historical drama shorn of any excess speechifying and wandering.
    • Besides, real people don't speechify like this.
    • Obviously topical, the dialogue yields at times to the temptations of speechifying, but it is a pitfall meliorated by strong acting and direction.
    • She was a caustic critic of charismatic ministers who speechify but don't mobilize.
    • We have become so accustomed to speechifying and blathering that we hardly notice anymore.