Traducción de speed en Español:


velocidad, n.

Pronunciación /spid//spiːd/


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    • 1.1(rate of movement, progress)

      velocidad femenino
      what speed were you doing? ¿a qué velocidad ibas?
      • what is its top speed? ¿cuál es la velocidad máxima (que da)?
      • they set off at top/high speed salieron a toda/alta velocidad
      • at a speed of … a una velocidad de …
      • if you carry on at this speed we'll never finish si sigues a este paso, no vamos a terminar nunca
      • the car performs well at high speed el coche responde muy bien a altas velocidades
      • to lose speed perder velocidad
      • the speed of light/sound la velocidad de la luz/del sonido
      • to be up to speed (be fully informed) estar al tanto
      • to bring sb up to speed poner a algn al tanto
      • It also has mirrors under the bonnet to give a double effect to the engine and reaches top speeds of 145 mph.
      • Its operationally loaded top speed is rated around 38 nautical miles per hour.
      • Up until QuantiSpeed was introduced, many users were accustomed to rating the speed of a computer by its raw MHz number.
      • Mansfield Park has seen such an exodus of players during the summer that the turnstiles must have been rotating at the speed of a carnival ride.
      • It's said that London traffic moves at an average speed of 11 mph, but pedestrian traffic can't be far behind.
      • Mark has reached a top speed of 325 mph before he deploys a parachute at 3,000 ft above the ground.
      • This results in a top speed of 104 mph and the dash from 0-62 is covered in 11.08 seconds.
      • Maria peaked late on Monday as a Category 3 hurricane with top wind speeds at 115 mph.
      • Weight deals specifically with speed and how much of a burden the character is on their craft, which can affect its speed.
      • With a top speed of around 70 mph, Karen's boat was the first to go out and took about 15 minutes to negotiate the dock's L-shaped course.
      • But even the extra weight failed to dent the 330 horsepower output, providing a top speed of 144 mph.
      • It does a reasonably good job of this, especially when you consider that there is a broad range of craft in the game, most of which differ in turn rates and top speeds.
      • Starting this season Olga and I work twice a week on stroking exercises, which has really helped the speed in my programs and my overall ice coverage.
      • And the 67 year old bachelor told a court that he certainly hadn't been stopped for speeding, because the vehicle had a top speed of just 15 mph.
      • As your speed rises the engine joins in, but so seamlessly that you will struggle to identify the moment it happens.
      • ‘I am well pleased with that,’ said Weir, who hit a top speed of 21 mph in the last 100m.
      • Able to reach speeds of 60 mph for a short time, it is the second-fastest land animal on earth; only the cheetah is faster.
      • Now the car, with a top speed of 200 mph, is for sale as the main asset of the firm, which went into liquidation.
      • Regulate the speed, remembering that the normal speed for projection is 16 pictures per second.
      • But high prices in major cities are curbing the speed of the movement of workers.
      • Qualifying and practice speeds show that Dodge has found something that gives the Intrepids an edge.
      • I just want to bring you up to speed.
      • This may impact the overall speed of your local LAN.
      • The speed with which Bush moved to impose this ban on aid is also significant.
      • The car, which runs on motorcycle tyres, can still manage 40 miles to the gallon, although its top speed is only 45 mph.
      • Hitting a top speed of only 35 mph - half that of today's fire engines - the vehicles have no radio, but are likely to have a police escort.
      • The second tactic is rather more controversial - the use of part numbers performance ratings to suggest a higher clock speed than is actually the case.
      • Survivors of Australia's bushfires told over the weekend of their mounting surprise, and then panic, at the sheer scale and speed of the unfolding disaster.
      • Paraffin will get you in the ballpark, but low fluoro will get you more speed.
      • Officers said the top speed was 146 mph - a record in the region.
      • Everyone goes about doing this at his or her own speed.
      • It has more room for paramedics to work and has a top speed of 155 mph.
      • The speed with which the 76-year-old tycoon has moved has staggered most observers.
      • Everyone began moving at their top speed out of the dungeon and through the halls.
      • It may also surprise you to learn that the closing speed at which aircraft collide is typically relatively slow.
      • That's enough to catapult it to 60 mph in 10.1 seconds and on to a top speed of 113 mph.
      • Our results also suggest that clonal interference may not have a large effect on the speed of adaptation.
      • The plane, with a top speed of just 30 mph crashed at least once in trials but flew on other occasions.
      • Space and time both turn out to be relative, measurements of length and intervals of time turn out to depend on the relative speeds of the objects in question.
      • At the sort of speed you should have been travelling this collision would have been wholly avoidable.

    • 1.2(relative quickness)

      rapidez femenino
      the speed with which the matter was resolved la rapidez con la que se resolvió el asunto
      • the speed of the players la rapidez de los jugadores
      • He said the ‘unfortunate’ accident was due to excessive speed and the torrential rain.
      • The web implants were fairly simple to master, and significantly increased speed of movement underwater.
      • ‘The cause of this collision is due to excessive speed,’ PC Cox said.
      • She pointed out that excessive speed, improper overtaking and unexpected events were huge contributory factors.
      • His movements returned to normal speed, and he dashed toward Abaddon.
      • Your muscle fibres will be more receptive to growth and reaction time will increase, thus increasing speed and movement.
      • Knowing how and when to release these joints is critical to facility, ease of movement and speed.
      • It seems the children quickly appreciated their own limitations and adapted their speed and movements to their abilities.
      • He gave a low chuckle before, in a sudden movement and with surprising speed, he kicked me across the face.
      • In Florence he met the Italian Futurists, yet, unlike them, he was less interested in speed and movement than in the effects of colour and light in his work.
      • He emphasised that there was still much work to be done in reducing speeds even further and in changing attitudes towards excessive and inappropriate speed.
      • Five of these collisions were caused by alcohol or drugs resulting in six deaths and two collisions were caused by excessive speed resulting in two deaths.
      • We have been told by the police it would appear the vehicle was being driven at excessive speed.
      • A double-page album conveys all the panic, speed, ferocity, movement and verve of the hunt.
      • At times in the first half the All Ireland champions' movement and speed of execution was awesome and Kildare did well to just hang in there.
      • It was not caused by the weight of concrete in the wagons, the bridge structure, vandalism on the line, or excessive train speed.
      • Loss of blood had sapped his movements of speed, but he still felt refreshed.
      • The accident happened due to excessive speed, contributed to by the condition of the near side rear tyre.
      • I'm learning speed and explosive movements, and in the past six months, I've been doing yoga for flexibility.
      • PC Clark said excessive speed and the fact he was two-and-a-half times over the drink-drive limit were the primary factors behind the smash.

    • 1.3(in shorthand, typing)

      velocidad femenino

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    film speed sensibilidad de la película femenino
    • Scott also plays with lenses, camera speed and some excellent special effects to heighten the impact of the harrowing fight scenes.
    • This will provide an extra stop of exposure; remember to set it back to the correct speed once the fog or mist has burned off.
    • The days of having to carry bulk film around or switch between different film types and speeds is now a distant memory for those who have made the technology leap.
    • The basic exposure is F16 and the shutter speed would be the closest to the film speed that you are using.
    • Films also vary according to their ISO number or film speed: their sensitivity to light.
    • Taking into account the speed of the film, it then sets the camera's controls for the optimum exposure.
    • Once you have adjusted the film speed to the number of exposures that you want to use, then all you have to do is just meter and shoot the scene.
    • As camera speeds became quicker, so the image was transformed.
    • He discusses camera types, lenses, focal length, flash, light, digital photographs, and film types and speeds.
    • The slower the film speed, the finer the grain and the intensity of the colours will be better.
    • Shutter speeds, aperture, choice of film speed, focus, focal length… you get what I mean.
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    velocidad femenino
    marcha femenino
    a five-speed gearbox una caja de cambios de cinco marchas / velocidades femenino
    • a ten-speed bicycle una bicicleta con diez marchas / velocidades
    • Even if linked to a typically American automatic gearbox of only four speeds, it has sprightly performance.
    • The tractors feature sliding gear transmission with eight forward and two reverse speeds.
    • The car, named for the unique shape of its footboard, had a single cylinder four horse power engine, two forward speeds and a reverse gear.
    • The most nimble of all Jeeps, it comes with front and rear locking axles, giant tires, and extra low gear speeds.
  • 4argot

    anfetas femenino coloquial
    • The drugs involved included cannabis, ecstasy and speed.
    • George himself had previously used drugs, primarily speed, and had at one time operated a methamphetamine laboratory.
    • In the house also were a number of hash pipes, as well as a quantity of speed and LSD.
    • What about the other evidence about him in the toilet pacing backwards and forwards, with expletives and asking everyone who came in for a line of drugs - speed?
    • They will be sent for forensic testing for ecstasy, speed and cannabis.
    • Whittaker and Morrison carried out the killings after stealing a small amount of amphetamine sulphate, also known as speed, from the house.
    • Let's move now to recreational drugs, party ones like ecstasy and speed.
    • The most common drug used was cannabis, followed by ecstasy, acid, magic mushrooms, speed and cocaine.
    • Aimed at drug users and their families, the film centres on former drug addicts who were addicted to heroin cocaine, speed and ecstasy.
    • This person had a number of deals of amphetamine, known as speed.
    • What if she was like most 17-year-olds and had experimented with marijuana or speed or ecstasy?
    • He was using cannabis, LSD, speed and magic mushrooms on a regular basis.
    • He was consuming drugs on a daily basis, including LSD, peyote, marijuana, and speed.
    • You don't want to develop any addictions to cocaine or speed.
    • Information about cocaine, LSD, ecstasy and speed was handed out, as well as tips for keeping clubbers safe.
    • If, however, you have a normal functioning brain, you will feel like you are on speed (amphetamines).
    • There were times when he would spend all of his money on speed or marijuana and get so high his mind would blur and all he could think about was having a another dosage.
    • Another commonly abused amphetamine is methylamphetamine, also known as speed, ice, crank and crystal meth.
    • Banning parties and blockading raves will not stop a movement, nor will it stop the use of ecstasy, cocaine, speed, heroin and pot for that matter.
    • Drugs such as speed and cocaine are often mixed together to make a lethal concoction that can destroy lives.

verbo intransitivospeeded, sped

  • 1

    (go, pass quickly)
    the car sped off / away around the corner el coche se alejó doblando la esquina a toda velocidad
    • he sped by / past in his new sports car nos pasó a toda velocidad con su nuevo coche deportivo
    • the boats sped over the water los botes se deslizaban sobre el agua a toda velocidad
    • the hours sped by las horas pasaron volando
    • I sped up and rattled the door handle quickly up and down, cursing it for not opening for me.
    • The tape cut off as the limo sped up and accelerated below a triple underpass.
    • Her heart seemed to stop for a second, but it quickly sped up, its beat pounding away in her ears.
    • Then they sped up and Darren was forced to walk faster until he was eventually jogging.
    • The heart rate speeds up in order to quickly provide the extra oxygen and nutrients your body will need.
    • I slowed the car down momentarily and sped up quickly after passing another light.
    • He's blurry through my tears, and then the train speeds up and takes him away.
    • Inching along head-lamp deep, the traffic moves again, speeding up when we reach the dry roads of the South Coast.
    • He felt his stomach drop to his feet and his heart sped up, this could not be happening!
    • I called quickly in return, speeding up to follow him.
  • 2past tense, past participle speeded

    (drive too fast)
    (motorist/car) ir a exceso de velocidad
    he was fined for speeding lo multaron por exceso de velocidad
    • Gary jumped into the car and Louise threw herself in and they speeded across the town to the restaurant.
    • Her car, the emerald Audi compact, speeded down the street and disappeared.
    • Once in the town she speeded through Stars Road, then through Main Street.
    • Robert speeded over to the hospital that Clara was just at and practically yelled at the nurses.
    • He speeded to Winona's house and frantically knocked on the door and rang the bell.
    • This includes drivers who have speeded more than once and received separate notifications.
    • Louis Aguiar gave evidence at his trial admitting to accelerating quickly and speeding between 55 and 60 kph.
    • As Chad speeded to his work on the opposite side of town, he went over the last few minutes again in his head.
    • They speeded out of Jake's neighborhood and on to the road that went into town.
    • Before Rebecca could say another word Cameron pulled her in and speeded down the road.
    • She practically speeded to Crystal's house, she had to vent her anger through someone.
    • I drove back to town quickly, but not speeding, and arrived at Hunter's family's new home, after he gave me directions.

verbo transitivospeeded, sped

  • 1

    to speed work/production along acelerar el trabajo/la producción
    • helicopters are being used to speed supplies to the area están usando helicópteros para hacer llegar los suministros rápidamente a la zona
    • For months, they have argued they wanted to speed it up, so this woman has this trial very quickly.
    • We're most grateful for what has been done, but if there's any chance of speeding things up that would be great.
    • The technology is a key part of speeding things up.
    • Once again, sorry if I sped things up too quickly, but I can't change my desire to get this story finished.
    • It speeds things up for suspects, can eliminate them more quickly if they are innocent, and means witnesses are not in close proximity to the suspects as they can be under the old system.
    • Technology speeds things up, but it's consistent with what corporations and governments have been doing.
    • It is not just about productivity, but predictability, speeding things up, making things flow smoothly.
    • Being already in the system speeds things up and simplifies the operation.
    • There have been calls from the opposition to bring in the army to speed things up and so on.
    • During World War II, considerable industrial production moved to the West Coast and after the war urbanization was sped up by housing subsidies and government investment in city infrastructure.
  • 2past tense, past participle speeded

    to speed sb on his/her way despedir a algn
    • God speed you to your job in Brussels.
  • 3past tense, past participle sped

    (grant success)
    God speed vaya (usted) con Dios