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    • I also didn't spellcheck this cause I'm on crunched time, so sorry if it bites the big one.
    • When I have time, I proofread and spellcheck but sometimes I have to do it after the event, when the thing has already been posted.
    • Time to go now or I won't have time to spellcheck.
    • Earlier this week, someone at the NZ Herald must have hit the wrong buttons when spellchecking this story.
    • Once you've written, rewritten, spellchecked, and proofread your newsletter in the word processor, copy and paste it into the body of your email program.
    • From a visitors point of view if you couldn't be bothered spellchecking your website then how good can your product really be?
    • Would you like me to spellcheck your posts for the next couple of days?
    • Someone should spellcheck their English pages, and some of the concert details are a bit out of date.
    • I do spellcheck and proofread, but no one's perfect.
    • OK, so maybe the fact that I didn't spellcheck my letter before I emailed it to you undermines my point a tad, but my dad can still beat up Joel's dad.
    • I drafted this in Word, and spellchecked it and guess what it suggested for Blogging - ‘Belonging’!
    • Don't bother spellchecking your message to them; that really gets on their nerves.
    • One wit declared that it must be love if the message was spellchecked before posting.


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    corrector ortográfico masculino
    • They understand software, surfing and spellchecks.
    • They'll also see a new tool that provides a kind of universal spellcheck service regardless of what application is being used.
    • I don't run an anti-virus or spellcheck program, and I don't believe in installing patches or defragmenting my hard drive.