Traducción de speller en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈspɛlə//ˈspɛlər/


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    she/he is a good/poor speller tiene buena/mala ortografía
    • Therefore Elizabeth was a great speller and she remembered poems that she can still recite.
    • Helping our students become good spellers is just one of many curriculum goals.
    • If you're not the world's best speller, have trusted friends and colleagues check your site copy for errors.
    • The top spellers will then go forward to regional heats for the Hard Spell programme.
    • To be a good Scrabble player you need good word knowledge and to be a good speller.
    • The first class speller says she's into poetry, golf and swimming.
    • Since they will be with you for years, they'll become competent spellers before they're ready to leave homeschool.
    • Constant copying of correct spelling produces good spellers.
    • I'm a fair speller but I've gotten a whole lot better since making Spellbound.
    • Two hundred and sixty-five champion spellers, ages 9 to 15, are competing in Washington for a $12,000 grand prize.
    • She will be pitted against the country's best young spellers when she stars on Hard Spell at the end of the month.
    • And with tertiary institutions relying on secondary schools to churn out good spellers, and secondary schools relying on primaries to teach the basics, spelling seems to fade out of importance around the age of 12.
    • Since studies have shown that spell checkers make good spellers worse, does that mean this new tool will give us less personality?
    • Now while I am a reasonable speller, my typing skills leave a lot to be desired and it showed last week.
    • Certainly many children are now better spellers than the education department civil servant who sent out 48,000 posters promoting literacy.
    • ‘And this person would need to be a very good speller,’ he continued, matter of fact.
    • Kitty, I have a feeling that you are probably a good speller but here are some tips for good spelling.
    • However, a poor speller may or may not be strong in other cognitive abilities, particularly those not directly associated with language processing.
    • Her advice for bad spellers is pragmatic: ‘Once your child has got to 10, stop worrying and teach them how to use the technology.’
    • Being a good speller all her life, Mae never needed to study.
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    glosario de palabras de ortografía difícil
    • She picks up a book and says ‘Oh, there's my speller.’
    • This color laser printed limited edition is made from paint and collage placed on top of a nineteenth-century speller.
    • He also produced a grammar and a reader that were sold as a set with the speller.
    • Lucy says she's lost her speller and that Jamison will need it for his lessons tomorrow.