Traducción de sperm en Español:


semen, n.

Pronunciación /spəːm//spərm/

nombrePlural sperms

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    (seminal liquid)
    semen masculino
    esperma femenino
    • Such a narrow window of opportunity in which to use or lose the sperm poses difficult time limits for farmers.
    • What they're doing is, they're going to take her underwear and see if there's other additional sperm on there to see if they can come up with another argument.
    • Within the bill are sections that make it illegal to sell your sperm or eggs or to receive remuneration for acting as a surrogate mother.
    • Males taking thalidomide should not donate sperm or blood.
    • We cannot determine his thoughts or presume his consent on a range of specific matters relating to the use of his stored sperm.
    • Rakoff's essays about having Hodgkins disease and hunting down the sperm he once donated are classics.
    • Murray was unable to identify who the sperm belonged to.
    • Four women received hormonal treatment and insemination with the husband's sperm.
    • Forty percent of the sperm shipped from Mills' clinic is sent to women outside California.
    • It's those bad boys swinging away down low that produce the two things - testosterone and sperm - that determine what kind of man you are.
    • He agreed, but to save time and also, no doubt, for egotistical reasons, he inseminated all the women with his own sperm.
    • It's your job to make sure the sperm hits the green icons and avoids the reds.
    • To remove the condom after sex, the outer ring is twisted to keep the sperm inside and the condom is pulled out.
    • Sperm banks do a lot more than just freeze and dispense the sperm, you know, they also test for HIV and other diseases, as well as hereditary defects.
    • Most importantly, the scrapping of anonymity has no apparent support among parents of children born as a consequence of donated sperm.
    • Because our donor friends lived on the West Coast and we on the East, we had the sperm frozen and shipped to us.
    • If there is a problem with the male partner sperm, then sperm from an anonymous donor may be used.
    • Britain's most senior woman judge granted an order sought by a fertility clinic permitting it to destroy the man's frozen sperm.
    • Instead, says Midkiff, the sperm of male pigs is collected and used to artificially inseminate the sows.
    • The judges, however, agreed that Dr Irons didn't steal the sperm.
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    espermatozoide masculino
    espermatozoo masculino
    espermio masculino
    • There are many reasons for male infertility, including low sperm count, inactive or incompletely formed sperms and other factors that hamper fertilisation.
    • Researchers from Saudi Arabia told scientists meeting in Spain how they had successfully produced embryos from air-dried sperm.
    • Hennig is now doing research into how DNA works in the cell after connection of sperms and eggs.
    • In the sex cells, the sperms and eggs, chromosomes come in singles.
    • If the egg is not fertilized by a sperm, the ovary produces less hormone and the lining of the uterus breaks down and menstrual bleeding begins.
    • Hardly a week goes by without some claim that a new form of artificial insemination has been found, or that the marriage of harvested eggs and sperm from dead adults can be used to make babies.
    • Japanese scientists have identified a protein on the surface of sperm that's critical for causing the cell membranes of sperm and eggs to fuse.
    • Male sterilisation is not immediately effective, and a condom must still be used until an analysis shows there are no sperm left in the semen.
    • The procedure identifies and sorts sperm into two types determining whether a fertilised egg develops into a male or female embryo.
    • Experiments showed that without the protein, a sperm cannot overcome the final obstacle of fusing with the egg before fertilisation takes place.
    • Their IVF treatment started in 1999 and they had four attempts at ICSI - a method which involves injecting a single sperm into the egg.
    • When a human sperm fertilizes a human ovum, a single cell is created with the potential to grow into a human person.
    • Kenyon reported that she could double the life spans of nematode worms by removing their germline stem cells - the cells that produce eggs and sperm.
    • Because sperm are living cells, they require a certain type of environment to live.
    • It could be due to blockage of the genital tract at different levels or due to failure of the testes to produce sperms because of the intrinsic problem with the testes.
    • But for other people, for people who are on the far right, sperm meeting egg even in a lab, that's life.
    • Fertility scientists like Trounson say it is only a matter of time before the technique is also used to develop sperm and eggs cells, making infertility a thing of the past.
    • Regular marijuana use can also lead to a decrease in sperm count, as well as an increase in abnormal and immature sperm.
    • It energises sperms and helps in their survival in the vaginal canal after ejaculation.
    • It may be a ‘potential person,’ or have the ability to grow to become a person, but a similar claim could be made for a sperm and an ovum that haven't yet touched each other.