Traducción de spiky en Español:


con puntas, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈspaɪki//ˈspʌɪki/

adjetivospikiest, spikier

  • 1

    • 1.1(having spikes)

      con puntas
      con púas
      con pinchos
      • The creature scavenges spikey structures from sea sponges and builds a shell out of them.
      • Some viruses may also be protected by an outer spikey layer called an envelope.
      • The rare Boar fish is usually only about 15-20cm long, thick-skinned and spiky.
      • A central column of stone urns filled with spiky plants adds a colonial 1930s elegance.
      • Pufferfish can balloon into a spiky sphere within moments of sensing a nearby threat.
      • Thorny plants are unpleasant to rub against and trimmings from spikey, prickly plants placed under bird-feeders help protect our feathered friends.
      • Having experienced unspoilt forest and encountered proboscis monkeys, I found myself face-to-face with a green wall of spikey fronged oil palms.
      • The slender, spikey fish is regarded as having one of the sturdiest and most flexible forms of animal armour.
      • Ooh, what are those strange spiky fruits?
      • All the living areas looked out onto the beautifully landscaped garden, with shrubs, grasses and spiky plants.

    • 1.2(sharp, pointed)

      puntudo Cono Sur Colombia

    • 1.3

      (hair) de punta

  • 2

    (caustic, sharp)
    (wit) mordaz
    (wit) hiriente
    (wit) punzante
    • His relationship with his fellow referee was always spikey to say the least but the two men do now have one thing in common.
    • I remember the head coach making this point in slightly spiky fashion during a post-match press conference four seasons ago.
    • She is captivated by the clever, awkward and occasionally spiky cosmologist.
    • I tend to play people who are a bit spiky or abrasive or lack filters, or say what they think.
    • They're quite spiky around each other and find it difficult to open up with each other.
    • He may ladle on the mannered affectations but they're laced with a really spiky humour.
    • He developed a rather spiky relationship with the paparazzi and the past year has seen him punch paps and swear at them in his quest to evade them.
    • The performer's notoriously spiky interviews and awards show interventions have also made headlines around the world.
    • We can only imagine what their estranged and notoriously spiky band leader thinks of it.
    • The guy is talented, but very spiky and too wound up to succeed at the highest level.
    • Jensen's inventive tale features a very real, very spiky protagonist.
    • The match was wonderful, very competitive and very spiky, which was just the way Tony would have liked it - it was well played.
  • 3Britanico coloquial

    (person) susceptible
    (person) quisquilloso
    (person) puntudo Chile coloquial