Traducción de spillway en Español:


canal de desagüe, n.

Pronunciación /ˈspɪlˌweɪ//ˈspɪlweɪ/


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    canal de desagüe masculino
    desagüe masculino
    • To this day, it continues to grind away - a giant spillway steadily funneling water, mud, and whitewater rafters toward the Grand Canyon, which lies 315 miles south of the park.
    • There are still some rescues going on near the spillway at Canyon Lake.
    • It had been extinguished in some parts of the Ord Project Area with respect to the dam area and spillways and irrigation areas.
    • Berrios worries about losing specialists who can design large networks, databases and systems to control dams, spillways and other specialized irrigation or waterway systems.
    • Clouds were building up so we had to hurry over the boardwalk that looks down into the gorge cut by the Kallada, fed by the spillway of the dam.
    • After the spillway breached, it was about 190 feet wide and 40 feet deep.
    • The jet device can measure the erosion potential of a soil in vegetated channels, road embankments, dams, spillways, and construction sites.
    • As the Iraqi engineers from the Irrigation Ministry began to look at their dams, diversion structures and gated spillways, they expressed concern that some of them had been damaged.
    • Constructing concrete spillways may reduce or prevent damage to dams caused by burrowing beavers.
    • This is done with a stilling basin at the spillway's outlet.
    • Slowed by dams and spillways, with much of its flow siphoned off for users around the West, the lower Colorado is highly controlled.
    • A few diaspores may pass dams through turbines or spillways.
    • We have been at the dam in years gone by when the roar of water pouring over the spillway was deafening, and could even be heard at the car park.
    • Construction is expected to start on the first part of the dam wall, which is the foundation for the second spillway, by the end of May.
    • The current software program predicts how an earthen spillway will perform and evaluates its potential for failure.
    • The fill was steady and no water went over the spillway, so no fish were lost.
    • ‘That lake is going to get so full it's going to get to the emergency spillways,’ said Larry Leinhauser, spokesman for Manatee County public safety emergency operations.
    • Although the dam held, it sustained damage to its concrete core and spillway.
    • Laing Dam, on the Buffalo River near King William's Town, which feeds into Bridle Drift, peaked in the morning when the water was 2,09 metres above the spillway.
    • They hold it back, water rises and then empties slower over the spillway.