Traducción de spine en Español:


columna (vertebral), n.

Pronunciación /spaɪn//spʌɪn/


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    • 1.1Anatomía

      columna (vertebral) femenino
      espina dorsal femenino
      to send a chill up / shivers down sb's spine producirle escalofríos a algn
      • the very idea sends shivers down my spine me dan chuchos de frío de solo pensarlo
      • a shiver ran down my spine un escalofrío me recorrió la espalda
      • The bones most likely to break as a result of osteoporosis are the hip, wrist and the vertebrae of the spine.
      • It works the muscles of your lower and middle back, which support and extend your spine.
      • This applies to an abnormality of an intervertebral disc in the spine.
      • I tore my dura, which is the wrap around my spine which holds in spinal fluid.
      • By doing this, there is generally a lift of the rib cage and a straightening of the upper spine or cervical vertebra.
      • In addition to testing spinal motion in flexion, the standing child should be asked to extend the spine by bending backward.
      • The coccygeus is a small muscle of the pelvic diaphragm, which connects the ischial spine to the sacrum and the coccyx.
      • I had fractured two vertebrae in my upper spine between my shoulder blades.
      • Below the lumbar spine is the sacrum, which is actually five vertebrae fused into one bone.
      • A leg press machine is ideal, if available, as the spine is supported and the exercise simulates functional activities.
      • For example, when a bony joint in the spine, called a vertebra, is out of place, it is called a vertebral subluxation.
      • Paget's disease most commonly affects your skull, spine and the bones in your arms, legs and pelvis.
      • From the skull extends the spine of the whale, and the hump of the whale rises above the larger vertebrae.
      • Occasionally some fibers arising from the scapular spine extend superficially over the surface of the muscle and end in the skin of the arm.
      • A few other causes of low back pain are arthritis in the bones of your spine and narrowing of your spinal canal.
      • Cervical nerve roots exit the cervical spine through the intervertebral foramina between the vertebrae.
      • Direct injury to the spine may cause a bone fracture anywhere along your vertebral column.
      • It can result in spina bifida, where the bones of the spine do not completely enclose the spinal cord.
      • The skull, spine and spinal movement, the pelvis, upper and lower legs and foot movements are examined.
      • One is a broken awl, probably made from the neural spine of a bison vertebra.

    • 1.2(of book)

      lomo masculino
      • Another strange detail in the image is revealed through a close examination of the book spines on a shelf in the room, among which a single title is reversed.
      • On the very first visit as I browsed the shelves, the name Miklos Szentkuthy on the spine of a book caught my eye and brought a flood of memories.
      • As she entered the waiting room, she noticed Adam standing by the bookcase, looking at the titles printed on the spines of the books.
      • Most packages contain two tapes within a box about the size of a book, arranged on bookstore shelves with the spine displaying the author and title.
      • You may need to repair the spine and actual page bindings in order to install a new cover.
      • She'd run her fingers gently over the book spines and read the titles he kept on the shelf above his writing desk.
      • Their copies gleam shiny black and perfect, with uncracked spines, uncreased pages, and a redesigned cover.
      • Skyway's trails are easy, and its northeastern section provides a dramatic view of the Book Cliffs, deeply eroded shale walls that resemble taupe book spines lined up on a shelf.
      • Yet the figurative illusion disappears when one peers under the glass shelves to read the spines of both Chinese and English books; then it is obvious these are not bodies, but books.
      • It had been several minutes when Lara noticed Sasha's head turned sideways, reading the titles of the books on their spines.
      • It is beautifully bound in half-leather, with richly gold-tooled spine and sumptuous marbled end-papers.
      • Fitzsimmons moved his light around and saw that the blood was splattered over one of the shelves and ran in rivulets down spines of the books.
      • The books remained on the shelf, but their spines were broken.
      • The copyright page of my Random House Collegiate Dictionary, like the book's cover and spine, disappeared years ago.
      • It's fantastic news which should put the rest of us who aspire to have our names on book spines to shame…
      • She brought her piano from home and put it against one wall, right next to a bookshelf containing some board games, not far from shelves lined with books, their spines worn and inviting.
      • The TV cabinet was a curbside find that Nan disguised with old book covers and spines to make it look like a bookcase.
      • Niko laughed at me when I ran my fingers across the book's spines and flipped through the pages in order to breathe in the scent of crisp parchment.
      • There's two stacks: one with bent spines and dull covers, the other with straight spines and shiny perfect covers.
      • Yet its opulent, mouldering furnishings appear intact, its books look down from the shelves, their spines unspoiled but their pages crumbled by termites.

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    (on animal) púa femenino
    (on plant) espina femenino
    • Bream have a needle sharp set of spines running through the dorsal fin similar to bass.
    • The dorsal and pectoral fins have hard spines whereas the other rays are soft like the anal and caudal fins.
    • The fins have strong leading rays, which form a row of sharp spines along the dorsal fin.
    • Moreover, the auxiliary spines project from the ventral spines at approximately the same angle.
    • The sheath of thin bony plates extends beyond the head to form spines dorsally and ventrally.