Traducción de spinning en Español:


hilado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈspɪnɪŋ//ˈspɪnɪŋ/


  • 1

    (of thread)
    hilado masculino
    • The sea-world over, sailormen love to beguile the days of calm, to put to flight hours of ennui, by the spinning of yarns.
    • I did some spinning in the weekend on the spindle, but I ain't sure of that new link over there.
    • Six villages were adopted and continuous spinning, processing and weaving work was entrusted to tribal women.
    • Traditional Sumu crafts included spinning, weaving, and dyeing cotton for clothes and household items such as sheets.
    • The women, in terms of their spinning and weaving, obviously, would find a new impetus in working with the produce of their own sheep.
    • For a very long time, fine spinning and weaving, complex dyeing, and embroidery were the finest arts of clothing, and construction was simple where it existed.
    • The VFPCK initiative aims at introducing mechanised spinning of yarn out of these stems.
    • Quashiba must guess the little man's whole name during the three nights of spinning and weaving.
    • Even then, it was calculated that half the cost of a piece of finished cotton cloth was accounted for by the labour of spinning.
    • Moreover, in discussing spinning with a wheel, she notes how much change there was in working conditions as the middle ages continued into the early modern world.
    • Each of these processes probably took place in separate cottages and spinning was seen as a job for women while weaving was seen as a man's job.
    • A spinning and weaving demonstration was held in the school with glass blowing and pottery behind the Kings Head.
    • In the textile industry much spinning was for long done by peasant-women at home with their spinning-wheels.
    • Their business, however, was anything but wired: construction and spinning.
    • Trudy saw him leave every morning as her mother, Clarice, began her spinning and weaving.
    • Gandhiji's espousal of khadi is legendary but few are aware that he himself learnt carding and spinning at Mani Bhawan in 1917.
    • Fruit of the Loom is transferring its spinning, knitting and dyeing operations to Morocco, where it already employs 1,700 people.