Traducción de spinning wheel en Español:

spinning wheel

rueca, n.


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    rueca femenino
    • Women prepared and preserved food, made medicines, and used spinning wheels, looms, and needles to turn wool and flax into clothing.
    • After a few other steps, women put the flax fibers on the spinning wheel, bleached the thread with water and ashes, wove it on a loom and bleached the linen again in the sun.
    • Entire families worked together, weaving their magic on spinning wheels and looms.
    • Steven Hahn's study of counties in northern Georgia indicates that seven of ten households had spinning wheels and looms, and one in ten heads of free households was an artisan.
    • The strands of the web twisted tighter and tighter like wool on a spinning wheel, solid enough to reach out and grab.
    • In the climactic scene, Priscilla sits at her spinning wheel with ‘carded wool like a snow drift / Piled at her knee.’
    • His efforts to resist the use of British cloth led to the resurgence of khadi (homespun cloth) and of course made the spinning wheel symbolic to the Indian independence movement.
    • ‘I started experimenting,’ said Therese, whose Asby home bursts with the fruits of her weaving labours; spinning wheels everywhere and looms left right and centre.
    • The spinning wheel improved the production of yarn, cotton, and thread used for cloth.
    • Downstairs were the looms and the spinning wheels, the floor covered in scraps of cloth and piles of wool.
    • And other wheel manufacturers have infiltrated the spinning wheel market.
    • The U.S. government established gristmills and provided cottonseed, spinning wheels, and looms to the Cherokee.
    • One parent loaned us her spinning wheel, donated wool and helped me establish a working relationship with The River Farm, a unique fiber company in Virginia.
    • The floor was littered with baskets of differently-colored yarn and thread, and a few spinning wheels stood near the far end of the chamber.
    • I walked through the furrows, looking into hovel windows on either side of me, seeing domestic scenes of medieval peasants working at spinning wheels, weaving, etc.
    • For example, why not purchase an old fashioned table based sewing machine, or even a spinning wheel?
    • One was carding wool, one was spinning it onto a spinning wheel, and the last one sat with her scissors, waiting for the right moment to snip the growing skein of wool.
    • By the eve of the Revolution, eighty to ninety percent of rural households owned spinning wheels, and almost half owned looms.
    • Her kittenish character is further emphasized since here she is given a ball of yarn to play with rather than the traditional spinning wheel.
    • In addition to tallying the nation's inhabitants, the federal census of 1810 counted the spinning wheels, looms, and yards of cloth in its rural households.