Traducción de spiritless en Español:


sin brío, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈspɪrɪtləs//ˈspɪrɪtləs/


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    sin brío
    sin garra
    • He does not need our wealth or spiritless ritual worship though He gives high value to the heart that is brimful of the feelings of gratitude and thankfulness.
    • It is been an absolute nightmare watching the spiritless performances of the team.
    • He looked at me plainly, his face emotionless, lips flat, eyes spiritless, forehead smooth.
    • Unfortunately, I usually end up taking the entire soul with me, and then whoever is before me at the time will become a spiritless wanderer, unaware of the fate soon lying before him.
    • He imagined it would be like lying with a dead woman, so spiritless was her expression.
    • It is safe music that takes no risks: relying instead on a ball-less, soulless, spiritless edifice of ‘music’.
    • In my two practices I had already learned that nothing infuriated Candy more than a spiritless cheerleader.
    • The online vibrancy displayed by most digerati/blogcritics/netizens somehow contradicts this view - one would not call most netizens spiritless.
    • Unfortunately, it's back to the piano and more spiritless love ballads from there.
    • It is to be distinguished from his dread of a stagnant and spiritless despotism.
    • The patient is spiritless, indifferent in expression, has dull eyes and a sluggish response, or may even be unconscious or have a mental disturbance.
    • While I appear as a spiritless student, my core revolves around pride, but what spirit I have appears but only at selective intervals.
    • And here I assumed you to be a spiritless little waif!
    • The sequel was a spiritless, desultory affair - a poorly edited, flatly directed retread.
    • But the answer, from all parties involved - advertisers, buyers, and networks - appears to be a resounding, but spiritless, ‘No.’
    • I come to that conclusion based upon the spiritless performance City put up against Pompey last Saturday.
    • He enjoyed a physical survival, and wrote short, spiritless articles in Comintern journals.
    • Benjamin Disraeli blamed the Act of 1774 for ‘all those flat, dull spiritless streets, all resembling each other, like a large family of plain children.’
    • Her thoughts were spiritless; she had no energy.
    • Well-cooked fish tastes of life, whereas overcooked fish tastes of spiritless grey anti-matter.