Traducción de splash en Español:


salpicadura, n.

Pronunciación /splæʃ//splaʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(spray)

      salpicadura femenino
      to make a splash (in liquid) salpicar
      • Add corn, reserved dill and a splash of reserved braising liquid and heat through.
      • And, what compliments such a look better than a splash of (obviously fake) blood?
      • Other signature dishes include braised cod with a splash of rum and sweet and sour eel on potato chips.
      • Hell, when they get shot, most of them dig the bullet out of their shoulder themselves, using a tie as a tourniquet and a splash of Jack Daniels to clean out the wound.
      • A split second later, she was rewarded by a splash of warm - almost hot - liquid.
      • Avocados discolour very quickly, but a splash of acid rubbed or brushed on will slow that process.
      • I would be conveniencing myself if I spritzed a splash of French dressing on my shirt before I even entered the store.
      • Then Holly discovered she had forgotten her contact lens case and had to improvise with two wine glasses and a splash of saline.
      • A splash of cream extinguishes the last of the flames before paper-thin crêpes are warmed in the apple mixture.
      • Twenty years ago, grooming meant a fifteen minute visit to the corner barbershop and a splash of Aqua Velva.
      • There is even a thing called ‘male grooming’ these days which, apparently, involves more than a testicular scratch and a splash of Old Spice.
      • With crunchy spring vegetables, Japanese noodles and a splash of soya sauce, a delicious, low-fat meal can be made in minutes.
      • The dumplings wade in a thick peanut mixture with a splash of soy sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.
      • Medallion man womaniser Farina is forever offering the benefit of his experience, including dubious advice that women love a splash of cologne on a man's testicles.
      • The canapé of seafood fritters slipped down nicely with a splash of chilli and coconut cream dip as did the pink smoked duck croutons with their lively mango salsa.
      • Instead, I reject the cultural establishment's contention that politics can be rejuvenated by a splash of paint or an arty video slot.
      • There's water, obviously, and then there's some salt, a splash of chlorine, a hint of sulphur and a sprig of magnesium.
      • He developed high-speed photography, which could freeze a hummingbird in mid-flight or a splash of milk.
      • Add the lemon juice, baby capers and a splash of Worcestershire sauce.
      • As they walked down the street, they heard a yell, which was followed by a splash of some liquid.

    • 1.2(sound)

      it fell into the lake with a loud splash cayó al lago con un sonoro plaf coloquial
      • we heard a splash oímos el ruido de algo al caer al agua
      • splash! he fell in ¡plaf! / ¡zas! se cayó al agua
      • Suddenly, Siri heard a large splash of water next to her.
      • He had not taken much notice until he heard a splash and the sound of panic-stricken voices.
      • As she passed the building, she heard the splash of water.
      • She heard a splash as he poured water in the washbowl.
      • Before he could do anything he hit water with a loud splash.
      • Only at the last moment would they dive into the water with a resounding splash.
      • Lunging forwards with all her strength, Cassie pushes Julia backwards into the pool and watches with glee as she reaches the water with a splash.
      • It did rain the next day and the village was silent except for the splash of the water on the cobbled streets.
      • Valos slowly opened his eyes as he heard the sound of a splash.
      • A loud splash of water was heard, and nothing else.
      • I heard a soft splash of water, and the soft rubbing of a towel.
      • At dusk, I like sitting on the bank of the Grand Canal listening to the soft splashes of water against the ancient Venetian stones.
      • The occasional white gull winging its way through the air, the gentle splash of water against the hull, that's all there was to draw our attention away from each other.
      • I went back to reading my book until I was interrupted about ten minutes later by the sound of some enormous splashes.
      • Then a loud splash sounded and I looked over to the dock to see the girl standing while the boy flailed around in the water.
      • When his body was dropped, some men though they heard a human sound come before the splash.
      • Then there was a huge splash of water, and that was that.
      • He entered with a loud splash, sending water in every direction.
      • After the final splash of the corpse hitting the black water below them, she peered over the edge.
      • With a hard pull, Sophie landed in the water with a splash.

    • 1.3(paddle, swim)

      chapuzón masculino
      we had a quick splash (around) in the sea nos dimos un chapuzón en el mar
      • A few splashes of water, and I'm feeling a lot better.
      • The horses were cantering lightly, making small splashes of water around their hooves.
      • He leaned to listen to her splashes, but the water was still.
      • Within seconds he was out of the car, running into the river and sending up splashes of water as he waded out to the middle.
      • In no time the ground was deep in water, and the splashes from their feet joined the raindrops bouncing roof high.
      • The sounds of continuous splashes filled the air.
      • We were quiet for a while, the only sound in the kitchen the ticking of the clock and the steady splash of water as I methodically washed the cups.

  • 2

    • 2.1(small quantity)

      a splash un poco
      • just a splash of orange juice in the vodka un poco / un chorrito de zumo de naranja en el vodka
      • a splash of paint and it'll be as good as new con un poco de pintura quedará como nuevo

    • 2.2(mark, patch)

      salpicadura femenino
      mancha femenino
      manchón masculino
      • The city was sprawled out beneath them, a rainbow of earthen hues and bright splashes of colour.
      • The attractive berries produced by this popular shrub will brighten up a shady area and provide a splash of colour in the darkest months.
      • Add to this a splash of bright colour and the result is nothing short of arresting.
      • This wasn't quite as frivolous as it sounds; the standard urban wardrobe of black with white and the occasional splash of bright colour wasn't going to work in the bush.
      • First there were a host of tiles, partitions and wall coverings to enhance the look of the room with splashes of bright colour, muted hues and soft lighting.
      • Hundreds of ducks brought a splash of colour to an East Yorkshire village - and helped raise hundreds of pounds for the local pre-school.
      • Green-fingered gardeners are preparing to add a splash of colour to the Auld Grey Town this summer with their entries for the 2004 Kendal in Bloom competition.
      • Darker colours tend to be more appropriate at work although there is no harm in adding a splash of brighter colour with accessories.
      • Arriving in Cambridge on a Fulbright Scholarship, she is a splash of brash American colour against a backdrop of a dour Britain in the grip of Fifties austerity.
      • Clad in bright and subtle shades, the participants rendered a splash of colour to the stadium that buzzed with activity for the rest of the day.
      • Elsewhere in the city, there was a splash of colour in York in the shape of a yellow school bus in Parliament Street - on tour from American book publisher DK.
      • Every splash of bright colour has gone back into a drawer not to be glimpsed again until next spring.
      • The vibrant costumes and scenery gave bright splashes of cartoonish colour to the scenes and the props, such as hobby horses with nodding heads, were superb.
      • Leaving the grey stone of the city, we stepped into a world of resplendent greens with splashes of colour as bright as the auroras themselves.
      • For a splash of bright colour it is hard to beat marigolds, Calendula officialis.
      • His presence would have added a splash of colour.
      • Hanging baskets are a great way of maximising space on a small verandah or patio and provide opportunities for injecting a splash of colour around the house.
      • The black and white dress code was given a splash of colour by members of the Army, who attended in their Reds, and Colchester Town Watch appeared in medieval regalia.
      • Attached to a branch of a tree were half a dozen green and yellow plastic water containers that provided a splash of colour in the bright, dust coloured landscape.
      • Painted a cool white throughout, the apartment provides a blank canvas for buyers, with splashes of bright colours in the soft furnishings.

  • 3

    they've done a front-page splash on it lo han puesto a toda plana en la primera página
    • This was enough to deliver the front page splash in The Sunday Age and Sunday Herald Sun and begin what will be a long and difficult fightback.
    • My front-page splash became a three-inch brief on the inside - albeit one that took hours to report.
    • The six page splash features the tanned newly-weds barbecueing corn cobs and canoodling poolside.
    • ‘A delay may be a diary story for you, for us it's a splash,’ says the man from The Sun.
    • This conclusion won't generate the splash headlines and blanket coverage of this past week, which was just as remarkable as the political volte face.
    • Agenda-setting front-page splashes started reappearing as well as longer inside reads devoted to issues not normally touched by the Record.
    • It's a risk, but if it happens, maybe it beats the thrill of all those front-page splashes and sold-out arenas hands down.
    • The Financial Times broke with tradition, using a white-on-black splash headline for the first time in its history.
    • The Australian had the most comprehensive coverage with a story by Jane Schulze on the front page below the fold and the splash on the front page of the Media section.
    • The splash headline in the virulently anti-war Independent was exultant.
    • The front page splash of the Morden Times reveals the town is to get two more police officers, bringing the total to nine.
    • Front page splashes on serious crimes in the town centre are giving the police a bad name, officers say.
    • For nearly 15 years the media has contributed screaming headlines and front page splashes as well as serious studies.
    • The front page splash - the main headline - on the Daily Mail today is about the same story.
    • But the front page splash was all about how he had changed his tune on a few key issues such as a pulp mill in Tasmania and American bases.
    • Of course, the hard but essential task now will be to maintain the sense of priority and importance about indigenous issues once the front page splashes die away again.
    • In the cases above, information was available years before the recent news splashes that would have at least thrown up caution signs.
    • The Daily Record in Scotland was one of hundreds of papers who, thanks to The Australian, also got it wrong in its front page splash about Kylie.
    • Two months later the splash headline in the Mirror was ‘Married cricket legend harasses a mum for sex with obscene phone calls’.
    • It seems like a perfect investigation for the Hun, though today's front page splash on the bailed drug baron's Queensland holiday was a good get.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (with liquid)
    stop splashing me! ¡no me salpiques!
    • to splash sth on/over sth/sb salpicar algo de algo
    • he splashed acid on my clothes me salpicó la ropa de / con ácido
    • I had mud splashed all over me by a passing car un coche que pasó me salpicó toda de barro
    • he splashed cologne on his face se echó colonia en la cara
    • to splash sth/sb with sth salpicar algo/a algn de algo
    • the car was splashed with mud el coche estaba salpicado de barro
    • careful you don't splash yourself with oil ten cuidado, no vayas a salpicarte de aceite
    • They started splashing each other as Sunakai accidentally splashed water on Sunshe.
    • The sunbathers had moved to the water, splashing each other.
    • They dunked and splashed each other in an oversized birdbath.
    • We were laughing and splashing each other as Ben came out with someone behind him.
    • The children whined, splashing each other and Knazarath a few more times, but then followed the guard to the bedroom obediently, if a bit noisily.
    • We giggled and laughed, splashing each other and running in a circle around the island.
    • No sooner than she said that, all four people were spraying and splashing each other, totally forgetting about their game of water volleyball.
    • They had found an open spot on the beach, and were splashing each other, while Pat taped.
    • Jeremy and Tara were about 20 feet out, splashing each other.
    • I saw Tay and Jill down by the water, splashing each other and giggling in slurs which meant they were half drunk.
    • He continued to laugh as they fought in the water, splashing each other and she laughed with him.
    • I pass a besotted dad with his toddler splashing each other from opposites sides of the fountain.
    • We goofed off in the ocean for quite awhile, dunking each other and splashing each other.
    • Then they start to roll the log, spraying and splashing each other, performing all sorts of acrobatics while turning the piece of wood.
    • The white children are bobbing in their rings, and two of them are splashing each other.
    • Brandy covered up as she looked out to Rob, Diana, Jade and Tara, running along the shore line, splashing each other with the abundant element of the day.
    • They took turned jumping from the top of the waterfall, laughing and splashing each other like they were kids.
    • Together they played like children, splashing each other, catching fish to take home, building stone castles along the sandy shore.
    • Soon after Ty and T.N. join in and start to splash each other in the tepid water.
    • After swimming and splashing each other for about an hour, they were exhausted and climbed out of the pool.
  • 2

    (in newspaper)
    the scandal was splashed all over the front page el escándalo venía a toda plana en la primera página

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (paint/water) salpicar
    coffee splashed all over the tablecloth el mantel se salpicó / se manchó de café
    • Blue liquid was splashed onto nearby equipment, but he didn't care.
    • Setting the kettle down, Kiyoshi made as if to examine his face in the reflection, and then splashed water onto it as if washing it.
    • She ran to the porch and picked up the bucket Hunk kept below the down spout to catch what little rain water fell, and she splashed the water over me.
    • Composing herself quickly, she splashed cold water on her flushed face.
    • He splashed the warm water onto his face and looked into the mirror.
    • I splashed some water onto my face and wiped it with a towel.
    • I had to push past a few kissing couples to reach the bathroom, and once inside I splashed some cold water onto my face.
    • It broke in half with the bottom falling back into the jar, splashing the liquid upon the hand that held the containment.
    • The boy poured rice into the pan, splashing the scalding water onto Jamie's hand.
    • The bathroom was cool when she flicked on the light, and as she splashed cold water onto her face the reflection of the mirror caught her eye.
    • Taking her time to wash and splash some cold water on her face, Angela slowly woke up more.
    • I tried to take it away from him but he fought me for it, splashing the urine-colored liquid on my shoes.
    • Something smashed against Valshar's face, shattering into dust to splash a clear liquid over the face.
    • He walked over to the handbowl and splashed the cold water onto his face.
    • She dipped her hands into the icy cold water and splashed some water across her sleepy face, in a vain attempt to wake herself up.
    • Cupping her hands into the water, she splashed the water onto her face and let the liquid run down her neck and cool her cheeks.
    • I brushed a few loose strands of hair out of my face and splashed some cold water onto my face.
    • He splashed the liquid in the container over the couch and hastily returned to his car.
    • Shakily I splashed some cold water onto my stricken face, wishing the cold liquid to act as a reality check, maybe even wake me up from this painfully real nightmare.
    • Turning the water on, I cupped my hands under the faucet, and splashed some water onto the crusted blood.
  • 2

    (person/animal) chapotear
    the children were splashing (around) in the water los niños chapoteaban en el agua