Traducción de spokesman en Español:


portavoz, n.

Pronunciación /ˈspəʊksmən//ˈspoʊksmən/

nombrePlural spokesmen

  • 1

    portavoz masculino
    vocero masculino América Latina
    spokesman for sth vocero de algo masculino
    • He needed to be not just a spokesman, but a symbol.
    • He presented himself as an honest and virtuous man, a spokesman for the outsiders in society.
    • While the ‘obesity’ rate as characterized by government spokesmen has been increasing dramatically, the average life expectancy has done nothing but increase as well.
    • As negotiations broke down, the need for planning resulted in the appointment of spokesmen.
    • I have never offered myself as a spokesman or representative of any group, nor have I put myself into any ‘iconic role.’
    • He has become one of the oil industry's most influential spokesmen on the touchy political issue of global warming.
    • The spokesman's voice is distorted by the cheap amplification system.
    • This, the music spokesmen argue, is tantamount to theft.
    • Social reformers and labor spokesmen promoted ‘industrial democracy’ - extending workers an authentic voice on the shop floor - as a panacea.
    • I heard the spokesman say: ‘We have isolated pockets where we are encountering problems.’
    • He has gradually been emerging as a spokesman for peace, justice and sharing.
    • Instead, the band became more accessible but no less accomplished, and shot to the top as the spokesmen for a new, laid back generation.
    • His energetic film sports well over two dozen interviews with spokesmen from the industry and performers.
    • He had been an influential spokesman of the left since the 1950s, but his reputation suffered greatly in the run-up to the winter of discontent.
    • Indian spokesmen repeatedly reiterated the fact that their country was not going to develop nuclear weapons.
    • Industry spokesmen blamed the crisis on shortages of investment capital and excessive labor costs.
    • Shortly after bidding ended, spokesmen for the two groups announced that the house ownership was officially transferred to the National Trust.
    • The owners or their spokesmen visit the farms to evict the tenants.
    • Soon, he became the chief spokesman for the Palestinian cause in the United States.