Traducción de spongy en Español:


esponjoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈspəndʒi//ˈspʌn(d)ʒi/

adjetivospongier, spongiest

  • 1

    (cake/bread) esponjoso
    (carpet) mullido
    • We hated her and wanted to crush her enormous spongey costume under our broken feet.
    • I take a really soft, spongy ball, and I toss it to the first girl.
    • On the ground, climbing fern creates tough, spongy mats that can easily smother grasses, low-growing shrubs, and small trees.
    • What's more, the fern can form tough, spongy mats on the ground.
    • Prions deposit plaque that kills brain cells, leaving spongy holes in the brain.
    • The flavour was essence of crab, the texture, like a soft, moist spongey doughnut - very different and entirely delicious.
    • The bread in the supermarket here is spongey sweet white bread cut in about 10 cm thick slices.
    • They wanted to disentangle themselves from the soft, spongy webs that had grown around them and the way they went about it was very silly.
    • Besides the fact that I've been drowned thoroughly in PMS, my neck glands are up (having a spongey, swollen double chin does nothing to improve my demeanor).
    • Fashion-wise there were two principal groups: the teddy boys - drape-style suits, suede shoes with thick spongy soles, coloured shirts and bootlace ties; and the Millets - rollneck sweaters and jeans.
    • They have a spongy quality without precise texture and there is a sense that one can penetrate more or less deeply into them.
    • The clafoutis was still warm, with a thin spongey surface over juicy cherries and a thicker batter base.
    • In a spongey, leather-clad Renault, this system feels thrillingly futurist.
    • So of course, we cut people up, we find organs, we cut them up, and there are veins, and wobbly bits, and spongy parts that go squelch when you poke them.
    • Tony, an avid collector of spongy penguins given out at various Linux events, now thinks computers were created by penguins, or vice versa.