Traducción de spooky en Español:


espeluznante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈspuːki//ˈspuki/

adjetivospookier, spookiest


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    que da miedo
    it was really spooky in the cave daba mucho miedo estar en la cueva
    • Seen at night, the structure became quite spooky.
    • The effect is uncannily scary and spooky - you can almost hear the bones rattling.
    • The village is unpeopled, which makes it spooky.
    • They are spooky, eerie and atmospheric but they're not necessarily centred in that.
    • The makers were more interested in telling us the movie is spooky than actually making it spooky.
    • I also love the spooky scene when Bowman appears on his wife's TV.
    • He rushes out into the cornfield at the same time as his brother and there is more spooky whispering running through the corn.
    • The downright spooky supernatural aura enhances the staying power of this film in your mind.
    • As cheesy horror, the movie offers plenty of jump scares, spooky atmosphere, and bloody carnage.
    • Jigsaw has locked a bunch of strangers in a spooky old house with nerve gas slowly killing them off.
    • The shocks aren't shocking, the spooks aren't spooky and any whispers of fear are swamped by the daftness of the plot.
    • That picture, especially combined with the title of this post, is just plain spooky.
    • The less said about the spooky music and creepy lighting the better.
    • These tracking shots lend a mysterious, sometimes spooky quality to the film.
    • The production design of the spaceship itself is otherworldly and spooky.
    • There's something wrong with the dusty old ranch house, though, as strange sounds and spooky visions begin to haunt the crooks.
    • Their scenes together are riveting and the film builds a spooky and unsettling atmosphere with great economy, while providing a rare insight into small towns and stunted lives.
    • It is wild, beautiful, passionate, spooky and direct.
    • His spooky elfin protagonists are seditious and superb at each alternate glance.
    • The constant intrusion of spooky music telling us that we should be really frightened achieves overkill long before the end of the film's running time.