Traducción de sportive en Español:


retozón, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈspɔːtɪv//ˈspɔrdɪv/


arcaico, literario

  • 1

    retozón literario
    • Tom, in his sportive mood, had caused serious inconvenience to a most respectable policeman.
    • Jane Austen and the French Revolution provoked one of the most amusing of New Statesman competitions, asking sportive readers of the magazine to come up with the most unlikely titles for literary critical works they could think of.
    • The jack-o'-lantern is a sportive creature whose innate love of mischief causes him to lead travelers astray.
    • Various sportive young matrons of his acquaintance‥certainly felt no overmastering desire to keep their husbands at their sides.
    • Brown has long had about him a sportive, Cyrano-esque panache.
    • The dog, in a sportive mood, careered madly through the field.
    • On the south side, almost at the edge of the cliff, stood a stone circle until it was tipped piecemeal over the brink by sportive youths.