Traducción de spotlight en Español:


foco, n.

Pronunciación /ˈspɑtˌlaɪt//ˈspɒtlʌɪt/


  • 1

    (in theater) foco masculino
    (on building) reflector masculino
    (in house) spot masculino
    (in house) luz direccional femenino
    • When the stage is dimmed, spotlights are used to create a tight arc of light in which Roberts and Corbert perform.
    • For two evenings in December, Camelo was performed, with stage drapes and a spotlight, in the window of the New Museum before the holiday shoppers bustling up and down Broadway.
    • A new computerized light sculpture consisted of a bank of nine stage spotlights.
    • The theater also contains a full fly tower and is outfitted with a control suite, catwalks, spotlights, and an orchestra pit.
    • One intriguing aspect of this work is the drawing effect Stone achieves with spotlights and projections, using light as a carrier for color.
    • Even better, as you walk through the aisles, spotlights flash on the stuff that you usually buy and on the stuff that's on sale.
    • There was hardly enough light from the stage, where spotlights illuminated the still drawn, dusty curtains somewhat half-heartedly.
    • As stated above, there's not much to look at during the show and the spotlights often add an unflattering hue to Chris.
    • The spotlight on the dim stage illuminates Amanda as she talks to a woman from her D.A.R. group.
    • It's a shame that the promoter didn't see fit to supply the stage crew with a spotlight because every time any member of the band dared to step to the front of the stage they disappeared into darkness.
    • Situated in one of gallery rooms off the central space, it is a majestically quiet work, offset by a spotlight, which projects its shadow onto the wall.
  • 2

    this week we turn the spotlight on young designers esta semana centraremos nuestra atención en los diseñadores jóvenes
    • he likes to be in the spotlight le gusta estar en primer plano / ser el centro de atención

verbo transitivospotlit

  • 1

    (building) iluminar con reflectores
    (painting) iluminar con spots
    (painting) iluminar con luces direccionales
    • The works are spotlighted against dark walls, which both evokes nineteenth-century rooms and makes it easier to study the often small and extraordinarily detailed imagery.
    • Pronto, stage left, a gent in impeccable evening attire, his face spotlit, appears.
    • He wrapped the rotunda in a translucent scrim, thus transforming the ramp of Frank Lloyd Wright's building into a tunnel, within which the individual garments were dramatically spotlit.
    • An aging woman in a glistening green off-the-shoulder gown is spotlighted from the front.
    • One scene shot at night spotlights a cluster of ordinary folk near a stand of trees; from bare branches dangle two refrigerators, each suspended from a rope.
  • 2past tense, past participle spotlighted

    (difficulties/problems) poner de relieve
    (difficulties/problems) destacar
    • This was the first of several films that Capra would make spotlighting the plight of the common man overcoming the deception and greed of the rich fat cats.
    • This article spotlights some of the information on the site, delving into the three main topics we're focusing on during our current media campaign: financial vulnerability, job creation, and innovation.
    • The national fight to curtail factory hog operations and support sustainable approaches to pork production will be spotlighted at a national Hog Summit in mid-2003.
    • Tensions between poultry producers and growers were spotlighted four years ago when one disgruntled East Texas farmer took matters into his own hands.
    • Most people know about Vietnam because of images of war, but this exhibition spotlights its cultural identity.
    • This issue and the April 11 issue of CropWatch will spotlight corn production and pest management.
    • The film gives us found footage spotlighting U.S. atrocities across the globe.
    • As one might expect, this collection spotlights the massive amount of work that took place before the cameras even began rolling.
    • While its focus to date has been primarily on transaction-based functions, a survey of more than 320 Chief Executive readers spotlights an emerging trend toward the use of outsourcing for more strategic functions.