Traducción de springy en Español:


mullido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsprɪŋi//ˈsprɪŋi/


  • 1

    (mattress/grass) mullido
    (floor) elástico
    (step) ágil
    (step) ligero
    • This is perfect walking country: hillsides carpeted with yellow gorse, crunchy patches of bracken scattered here and there, springy soil underfoot.
    • Its light caramel flavor complemented the robust molasses, and its sandy texture gave the cake a springy touch.
    • He appeared to weigh somewhere between one-ten and one-thirty, with muscular limbs and a light, springy step.
    • Deer cropped the springy turf beside us, so close we could hear every snuffle and chomp.
    • Weak autumn sunshine filtered through the lush green foliage, dappling the springy moss with alternating patches of light and shadow.
    • She flopped down onto the springy grass, and leaned her head back against the rough bark of the tree.
    • Beneath her lightweight silken sandals, the grass felt light and springy.
    • The footsteps are light and springy, but slightly heavy, as if the owner carries a burden.
    • In the USA, rubber from old tyres has been turned into a springy surfacing for basketball courts.
    • I saw a company marching along the street, and noticed that they move with a quick, springy step, that enables them to cover ground quickly.
    • She quickly slowed Hope down from her fast-paced gallop to an excited springy walk.
    • The grounds in Australia are far bigger than here and the short springy turf makes for a very different, faster game.
    • The linoleum dance floors are padded underneath with cork, giving them a springy bounce that will improve dancing stamina.
    • Fresh fish should have firm, springy flesh, a clear color, a moist look, and a clean smell.
    • He doesn't quite look his 37 years, with his just-short-of-the-shoulders springy hair and glowing brown skin.
    • Volunteers helped to spread the chippings so they formed a more springy surface for the horses to walk on.
    • One of the notable things is the floor, made from a special synthetic material that looks firm, but is springy and sound absorbing.
    • I turned off my Walkman and hoisted myself off the springy bed.
    • The ground was coated in rotting pine needles and was springy to the touch.
    • A virtuoso soubrette dancer noted for her light, springy jumps, strong feet, and sunny disposition, she was a favourite of Ashton's.
    • Soft, springy materials like rubber and skin don't tear easily because they stretch before breaking apart.
    • It was a dry day and the turf was springy and good to ride on.
    • Tall and broad, large spectacles framing his eyes beneath a springy mop of blond professorial hair, Denève is not one to blend into the background.
    • Pour the finished batter into the cake tin and bake for approximately 1 hour or until the cake becomes firm and springy to the touch, when lightly pressed in the middle.
    • I quickly found myself next to her on the springy mattress.