Traducción de spunky en Español:


con agallas, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈspəŋki//ˈspʌŋki/

adjetivospunkiest, spunkier


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    con agallas coloquial
    agalludo América Latina coloquial
    • So Hill did what any gutsy, spunky assertive women would do in her situation.
    • I couldn't believe how spunky this little old woman was.
    • Laura said it's the perfect home for her and her husband, Darren, and their spunky 8-year old daughter, Sarah.
    • I smiled, she was a spunky girl and attractive at that.
    • The spunky teen went on to pursue a PhD in neuroscience.
    • Sigourney Weaver heads the cast as the unscrupulous warden, while Jon Voight hams it up no end as her second-in-command, but it's newcomer Shia LaBeouf who stands out as the spunky victim of a miscarriage of justice.
    • Although Mrs. Bellmont's brutal treatment cannot break the spunky girl's spirit, it does ruin her health.
    • At 52, Moore is still a spry, spunky performer giving all manner of well-rehearsed guitar hero poses.
    • I really adored Ella because she's so spunky and free-spirited.
    • Father did like spunky women, especially if they were panting to take orders from him.
    • They are all pretty stock anime types: the spunky outsider, the brilliant and egotistical warrior, the brooding and sinister leader, the ditzy girl, the mentor, and so on.
    • She plays Jade, a spunky 20-year-old scraping by as a freelance photographer.
    • Obviously you were a headstrong, determined, and… really spunky woman.
    • She's a spunky lass but he quickly becomes madly mistrustful and jealous, believing that Emily's friendship with her godfather Colonel Osbourne is a full-blown affair.
    • I saw your ad in the paper and thought you sounded like a pretty spunky gal.
    • The Australian Chamber Orchestra is now 28 years old, but under spunky young director/violinist Richard Tongetti, looks and talent have combined to make it one of the world's great ensembles.
    • The Westie's natural good looks and spunky attitude quickly made it a favorite in the American show ring and as a household companion.
    • Personality-wise, she's the cute, spunky one.
    • The old, spunky Madeline was gone and in her place was the submissive shadow of her former self.
    • But he can't help getting attracted to her - she's pretty, spunky, and somehow vulnerable…