Traducción de square number en Español:

square number

número (elevado al) cuadrado, n.


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    número (elevado al) cuadrado masculino
    • Since the next succeeding square number is 729, which has 27 for its side, divide 720 by 27.
    • This year I've decided to switch my mathematical allegiance to square numbers.
    • If we can express a square number also as the sum of two other square numbers then Pythagoras' Theorem tells us that we have three sides of a right-angled triangle and this is Fibonacci's first Proposition.
    • In every right-triangle, if the double product of the legs be either added or subtracted from the square of the hypotenuse, both the sum and the remainder will be square numbers.
    • Fibonacci first notes that square numbers can be constructed as sums of odd numbers, essentially describing an inductive construction using the formula n 2 + = 2.