Traducción de squeal en Español:


chillar, v.

Pronunciación /skwil//skwiːl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (make noise)
    (animal/person) chillar
    (tires/brakes) chirriar
    (brakes/tires) rechinar
    • Two contestants in electric chairs took off from the starting line with tyres squealing for the first 10 yards.
    • Most of the girls around us squealed with delight, but I shivered and chills sprang up on my body - I had been the intended recipient of that wave.
    • The girl squealed and ran past the householder, who was standing in the door.
    • I was dozing off, when suddenly, the girls began squealing uncontrollably.
    • Each person squealed with delight as each dish was paraded around the room.
    • The boy and girl are already running to meet the sled driver, squealing and screaming with delight.
    • Everywhere around us girls were squealing and hugging and kissing each other on both cheeks.
    • All the girls were squealing while the guys were laughing so hard they had to hold onto the furniture in order to stay standing.
    • A slow smile played across Kira's face as she watched Michael flee, the tyres squealed and spun, sending dirt and dust flying into the air.
    • You put me in a room with a wax effigy of George Clooney, of course I'm going to squeal like a girl!
    • The ambulance leaves, tyres and siren squealing.
    • Of course we'd have to hold the tiny frogs in our hands; you'd always hear the girls squealing and the boys laughing at them.
    • The three girls squealed in delight and began talking excitedly.
    • But we had to take a trip to California when a friend called up and positively squealed in delight about the food.
    • Damian stood in the hallway, in the middle of the growing crowd of high school girls squealing in awe.
    • Having an auto obviously means you can't rev the engine, drop the clutch and set off with tyres squealing as you try for maximum acceleration off the line.
    • Beneath her, she can hear the sound of tyres squealing and knits her brow.
    • Tyres squealing, Brett pulled out, slammed the Cavalier into second and roared off.
    • The girls squealed with delight as they each grabbed a slice greedily.
    • The little girl could be heard squealing as Sharon walked towards them and relieved the taller woman of her bundle.
  • 2coloquial

    cantar coloquial
    chivarse España coloquial
    sapear Venezuela coloquial
    to squeal on sb delatar a algn
    • I squealed, kicking my feet as he opened the door and slid out.
    • I squealed out loud, kicked about a bit, but to no avail.
    • She squealed and kicked with all her might, but Midori was much stronger than she.
    • Rynn lowered her head and nudged the small creature gently, but she caught him off guard and he fell over, squealing in protest.
    • His tires squealed in protest as he pushed his car around the corner.
    • His footsteps served as an eerie beat to the rhythmic squealing of the enraged sirens.
    • It took two screenings of Secretary before Jake could applaud his sister's work - and he had reportedly squealed to their parents about the erotic content of the script.
    • ‘And lookee, it says in the instructions that you should get to know your tarot cards before attempting to use them,’ she squeals, as if this is great cause for celebration.
    • He jumped, spun clear around in mid-air and took off running in the other direction, squealing in protest and fright.
    • It squealed in protest and pulled all its vines in towards it, releasing Harry.
    • His editor would not challenge and tolerate him, the various and sundry contacts and stoolies would not squeal to him.
    • ‘The reporter never squealed, but he never went to jail, either,’ Janensch writes.
    • The hinges squealed in protest as he opened the door.
    • I kicked and squealed, desperate to get out of his grasp.
    • And I see again the old bitch squealing under the mass of snarling teeth, the stick catching her back knocking her to the ground.
    • He begins, squealing on the bigger boys anyway.
    • Having found them, they would be kicked, squealing, aside.
    • Fine Gael too look as if they may be about to modernise themselves thought there are some music ignoramuses who will have to be dragged kicking and squealing into the new era.
    • I squeal a mousy protest as you sit between two strands of chain-links.
    • They squeal, shiver and cling on to one another, complaining about the temperature.
    • She squeals in protest, and tries to push him off.
    • Ms. Crew threw the deadbolt on the nearest door and dragged it open, its hinges squealing in protest.
    • She put up a good fight, biting, kicking, squealing, and spitting at her two attackers.
    • The poor bitch squealed in pain and retreated, her tail between her legs, and a regretful look of apology to Miri in her eyes.
    • He ungracefully plonked himself into the nearest chair which squealed loudly in protest.
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verbo transitivo

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  • 1

    (of animal) chillido masculino
    (of person) grito masculino
    (of person) chillido masculino
    (of brakes, tires) chirrido masculino
    with squeals of laughter/delight con carcajadas/gritos / chillidos de regocijo
    • squeals of protest gritos de protesta
    • squeals of pain gritos / chillidos / alaridos de dolor
    • The cave echoed and re-echoed with the sounds of shrill squeals and flapping wings.
    • We used the double-pulsed ESPI technique to investigate a brake that had a noise squeal at 5.92 kHz.
    • The children shot in like missiles, the cliffs around echoing with squeals and splashes and Crocodile Dundee-style ‘coo-eees’.
    • The music dissolved into broken noises and electric squeals.
    • Neighbor girl has a swing that squeals and squeals and squeals and squeals and squeals and squeals and squeals and squeals.
    • Only this night, in a squeal of brakes, a blare of horn and a terrible flash of light, young Fraggle, attempting to surf between one station and the next, slips between the train's wheels.
    • The giggles soon turned into high-pitched squeals as he continued to tickle her.
    • Suddenly, a high-pitched squeal echoed through the valley.
    • All Krystal could do was laugh, bellyaching squeals of laughter, as she watched Sid performing a little jig trying to get the ants off.
    • I hit the brake, and it only resulted in a shrieking squeal of rubber on the gravel of the road.
    • Lauren prepares a smart reply but she is stopped when the brakes of the elevator squeal and it grinds to a halt sending the pair flying backwards into the wall.
    • I looked to Kyle, seeing his eyes widen with mischief as he began to chase her, their squeals of laughter mingling in with the rumbling thunder.
    • There's a lot of noise and silence, a lot of squeaks and squeals, and a lot of rumbles and warbles.
    • Her voice was no more than a high-pitched squeal.
    • Guided by an inner-something that could only have been instinct, she was soon making silly noises and coaxing delighted squeals from the little tyrant.
    • Funniest of all, though, is the opening squeal of computer noise nonsense that momentarily almost passes for a new Radiohead composition in itself.
    • All the while giving high pitched whistles, squeals, squeaks, chirps, clicks and slaps that are fascinating to hear.
    • Jeremy took off with a squeal and a great roar of exhaust.
    • The Poems and Pints event was a sell out on Saturday and the Town Hall reverberated with squeals of laughter.
    • The headlights of a bus flash across the front of the shelter, and, with a squeal of brakes, it pulls in.