Traducción de squeeze bottle en Español:

squeeze bottle

botella exprimible, n.


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    botella exprimible femenino
    botella de plástico blando femenino
    • That was the case at Royal Japan, where a salty-sweet soy baste applied from a squeeze bottle wound up on everything, from slightly overcooked shrimp to faintly mealy, medium-rare cubes of filet mignon.
    • Putting jelly in a plastic squeeze bottle will prevent crosscontact with peanut butter.
    • A squeeze bottle of water and a bucket, obviously for waste elimination, were nearby, and there was a thick pad of foam insulation for him to lay on.
    • He mopped his face with a towel and moved to a bench where Tracy was already seated, drinking water out of a plastic squeeze bottle.
    • Sometimes you even put it in a squeeze bottle so you don't have to keep heaving the can out from under the sink.