Traducción de squib en Español:


petardo, n.

Pronunciación /skwɪb//skwɪb/


  • 1Britanico

    petardo masculino
    buscapiés masculino
    vieja femenino Chile
    • The guy gets shot, he falls backwards, the squib explodes, tearing open his shirt clearly letting us see the blood package taped to his chest.
    • On emerging from a close that night Robert was hurt in the face by shot from a pistol belonging to a fellow student Arthur Tran, who with a group of other students was firing a pistol and letting off squibs.
    • It was worth just 9 - squibs don't come much damper.
    • Speaking about the consequences of fireworks on dogs, operations director Jane Patmore said many guide dogs were forced into early retirement due to the misuse of rockets and squibs.
    • In terms of action, though, the Club Hell sequence, at the beginning of the film, rates as one of her fondest memories, because ‘the pressure to get every move right and be in sync with all the squibs and the explosions was immense’.
    • Now for a quick fix in keeping with the company's rig-it-and-roll mentality: we look for ‘CueCat2’ to come stuffed with a tiny squib, detonated by opening the plastic housing.
    • The elderly residents of Ardmaine Nursing Home on the Fullerton Road suffer nightly harassment and are unable to sleep as youths throw squibs and bangers at the windows, according to a member of staff.
    • Regardless, Rice seeks payback, and before you can say ‘I'll never get these 95 minutes of my life back,’ guns blaze and squibs pop and general mayhem ensues.
    • I have these little squibs that explode to make it look like bullets are hitting.
    • He claims he was struck on the forehead by a squib during filming and is now suing the studio for extreme mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering that ‘caused him to employ physicians’.
    • Based on that pulsed information, the missile's guidance electronics fire a series of small squibs on the forward attitude control motor to push the missile into the correct azimuth to impact the target.
    • During his last days Parsons was reduced to working for Hollywood movies, making tiny explosive squibs that mimicked a man being shot.
    • This is in addition to the blanks, squibs and small arms like grenades that were employed.
    • A couple of squibs later and he was lying on the floor in a pool of fake blood.
    • Cska were fined 1000 leva because their fans threw squibs.
    • Metal-penetrating oil can kill primers, and if it gets inside the powder charge, can again cause disastrous duds and even more disastrous squibs.
    • We spent a whole day with zombies and squibs going off.
    • These were the explosions that created Bikini's wrecks, but atomic bombs were squibs compared to what was to come.
    • Of course this looks way cool on film, especially in slow motion with squibs full of stage blood bursting explosively, and has therefore become an established idiom of fictional ballistics.
    • Spark must have left her fireworks out in the rain before setting off this box of squibs.
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    sátira femenino
    • But ‘To a Communist’ is more than just a satirical squib; its satire depends on MacNeice's literary-critical reading of Spender's text.
    • Horace Walpole had written a squib against him, which Rousseau attributed to Hume.
    • Songs of 19th century weavers are preserved alongside current anti-war parodies like the wonderful Glaswegian squib sung to the tune of the Italian resistance song, ‘Bella Ciao’.
    • His acting is so total that he totals every ordinary part; only his own one-man squibs and diatribes, envenomed caricatures, and scurrilous jibes can contain his rant.
    • Mowl is unusual for writing many books which are not offered as the last word on their subjects but as irreverent, amusing squibs, serving an intellectually stimulating role because they take nothing for granted.
    • One of the delights of his squibs is the gleeful elision of NewLab multi-culti PC-speak with management gobbledegook and Pentagonese.