Traducción de squint en Español:


bizquera, n.

Pronunciación /skwɪnt//skwɪnt/


  • 1

    bizquera femenino
    estrabismo masculino
    to have a slight squint ser un poco bizco
    • to have / take a squint at sth echarle una miradita a algo
    • let's have a squint ¿a ver?
    • Vakhass was suspected of developing a squint, which if left untreated could have led to permanent blindness in one eye.
    • Long-sighted children with a squint need to be monitored carefully to avoid a lazy eye developing.
    • If the condition is caused by another problem such as a squint or a cataract, surgery may be needed.
    • Rachael suffered severe damage to her right eye and has restricted vision… She has twice had surgery to correct the squint.
    • As well as checking that vision and hearing are normal for the age of the child, they look for any treatable conditions that make it difficult to hear or see, such as glue ear or a squint.
    • My daughter was born 31 years ago, like many children, with a divergent squint.
    • Premature babies are more likely to have early problems with their hearing and sight, such as crossed eyes or a squint.
    • I thought I might go back when he started school but then he needed me for writing and he had a squint, which meant hospital appointments and treatment.
    • Some babies are born with a squint or their eyes roll away from each other occasionally.
    • Strabismic amblyopia usually presents with a visible squint, but refractive amblyopia or a small angle strabismus may not be detected until it is too late for treatment to be effective.
    • It is usually caused by a squint in one eye, which means the eyes look in different directions.
    • Common eye problems including short-sightedness and a squint.
    • The most important cause of squint is a focusing error in which the lens system of the eye is not strong enough to bring the image to focus on the retina (hypermetropia).
    • If corrective spectacles are not worn this convergent squint may become permanent.
    • The precipitating cause of a child with normal, though fragile, binocular function developing a squint has often been considered to be a systemic illness.
    • Of course you know a squint may be induced or cured by surgery?
    • That's right, so you test one eye at a time and check what their vision is and also you check at the same time to see whether they have an obvious squint.
    • Double vision may be a symptom of certain types of squint.
    • One eye has been practically useless all his life and he has a squint in the other.
    • Some people who have had unsuccessful treatment for squint may have persistent double vision dating from the time of the treatment.

verbo intransitivo

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    (attempting to see)
    entrecerrar los ojos
    he squinted down the barrel of the gun miró por el cañón de la escopeta entrecerrando los ojos
    • to squint at sth/sb mirar algo/a algn entrecerrando los ojos
    • The three rise, squinting into the search light and raising their hands.
    • He continued on, squinting through the blue light.
    • Around the moon was a huge corona - a vast circle of light surrounded it - like a massive, pale-blue version of the effect that you get when you squint at a street light.
    • Dean awoke, squinting to the unaccustomed light.
    • I heard a humming and the dozen fluorescent lights started to flicker on and I blinked, squinting at the bright light.
    • Shading my eyes from the glare of the sun, I squinted to see more clearly.
    • Though smiling, he was squinting hard in the strong light and looked distinctly uncomfortable.
    • Just then, the sun broke past the tree line; Lizzie and Jake squinted into the sudden light.
    • I found her curled up under the basement stairwell, squinting in the dim light at the pages of a book.
    • Sliding the door open, she winced at the bright light, squinting.
    • I pushed the covers away from my face, slowly, squinting into the light.
    • After squinting in an attempt to discern a couple of features to make the object recognizable, he began walking swiftly towards it.
    • I have to squint, because the light makes my head hurt.
    • The curtains in Gibbs' room are half open; she is squinting as though the light stings her eyes.
    • She squinted in an attempt to make out her surroundings, to find something familiar that would lead her home, the only place she was safe.
    • Miles stepped outside the cave, squinting as the light of the midday sun temporarily blinded him.
    • The others were ready to go, standing slowly and squinting against the intense light.
    • Buddy squinted in an attempt to see clearly who she was talking with.
    • One holds up a brick to the light, and squinting, marks his name on one side.
    • The images of his release, broadcast live around the world, show a man squinting into the light as if blinded.
  • 2

    (be cross-eyed)
    torcer la vista
    he has a tendency to squint tiene tendencia a bizquear / a torcer la vista
    • Children with lazy eye may squint, look cross-eyed, or tilt their head to see things.