Traducción de squirm en Español:


retorcerse, v.

Pronunciación /skwərm//skwəːm/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    he squirmed out through the bars se escurrió por entre los barrotes
    • he'll try to squirm out of doing it va a tratar de hurtarle el cuerpo
    • As if sensing his discomfort, the baby squirmed with an alarming vitality.
    • I could hardly keep still, squirming and wriggling all the time.
    • He squirmed and wriggled, ignoring the pain I know he must be feeling.
    • She tried to pick him up but he was squirming and twisting to lick her face so much that she had to set him down.
    • Johnny was refusing to eat his Cheerios and was squirming in his chair as his mother tried to feed him.
    • I shouted, squirming and twisting my arm, trying to get it out of his grip.
    • I lay there on the wood floors of my kitchen, squirming, as my body wanted to run itself against a wall.
    • The child wriggled and squirmed, trying to pull himself out of their grasp.
    • Befuddled by heat and sleep, she'd twist and squirm to pull on her modesty bestowing chador and headscarf.
    • His body squirmed and screamed like it was too fragile for his heavy soul.
    • I squirmed on the uncomfortable seat, trying to work some feeling back into my numb tailbone.
    • The Wolf girl was grunting and squirming, her body wiggling from side to side.
    • Strapped in their car seats, children make nightmarish passengers, wriggling, squirming and whining.
    • She paused and studied him for a long moment until he finally squirmed in discomfort.
    • Peering out past the bank, I could see our three shapes in the water, twisting and squirming in the current.
    • Noelle didn't squirm or fidget, but she appeared uncomfortable.
    • A technician discovered the dead rodent and believes it had squirmed into the body of the PC to keep warm.
    • He gently took out a small bundle that began to squirm.
    • They were lying utterly still or squirming in discomfort, some cradling injured arms.
    • Helen grasped the young cat tightly in her arms, where it began to squirm nervously.
  • 2

    (feel embarrassed)
    I still squirm when I remember aún hoy me quiero morir (de vergüenza) cuando me acuerdo
    • her voice makes me squirm su voz me pone los pelos de punta
    • she squirmed with embarrassment no sabía dónde meterse de la vergüenza