Traducción de stab en Español:


puñalada, n.

Pronunciación /stab//stæb/


  • 1

    (with knife)
    puñalada femenino
    cuchillada femenino
    navajazo masculino
    he made a stab at me with his knife intentó apuñalarme / acuchillarme
    • to have / make / take a stab at sth intentar algo
    • before noun stab wound herida de arma blanca
    • Despite the valiant efforts of members of the public and medical staff he died several hours later at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, from multiple stab wounds.
    • He danced and pirouetted gracefully around the horde of enemies, dealing fatal stabs and slashes with his jewel sword as he did.
    • Mr Simpson was taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary where he was said last night to be in a serious condition, with multiple stab wounds.
    • Every time a robed thing approached him, it would find itself at the wrong end of a stab, slice, slash or kick.
    • Prosecutor Bob Elias said a machete-like knife had been used in the attack with the video showing one of the assailants thrusting three stabs at Mr Murgatroyd.
    • The wound on his chest from the stab sealed up and his dead pale skin went back to its normal color.
    • A mother suffering from multiple stab wounds is expected to recover.
    • A knife stab laceration or glass injury to the hand would make exploration of the wound mandatory.
    • Although a knife is the most commonly used weapon to inflict stab wounds, other devices also can be used.
    • He survived life threatening stab injuries when knifed in his cell by a prisoner who had been brought overnight for a family visit that day.
    • A 19-year-old sustained multiple stab wounds but is said to be in a stable condition in hospital after recovering from an operation.
    • The woman, Joyce Cordova, was treated for multiple stab wounds and later released from an Albuquerque hospital.
    • Pennington, who died from multiple stab wounds to his chest and stomach after trying to fight off his attacker, has been praised as a hero for saving the MP's life.
    • An ambulance was called just before 11.10 am yesterday and Mr Horner was taken to York Hospital suffering from multiple stab wounds.
    • The pair clashed - Vea blocking an embittered stab with his own weapon and almost dropping to a knee in the thickening mud.
    • He said she stabbed him first, thus explaining his multiple stab wounds.
    • She had suffered multiple stab wounds to her chest.
    • Blood was still rushing from the wound Fitzwilliam had inflicted on himself with a wild stab.
    • They fell into a steady pattern of parries, stabs, and slashes.
    • Mrs Humes was found with multiple stab wounds and taken to Rotherham District General Hospital, where she died despite being admitted to an intensive care unit.
  • 2

    (sudden sensation)
    a stab of pain un dolor punzante / agudo
    • she felt a sudden stab of guilt/regret la acometió un sentimiento de culpabilidad/de arrepentimiento

verbo transitivostabbed, stabbing

  • 1

    (with knife)
    he had been stabbed to death había muerto apuñalado / acuchillado
    • he stabbed the air with his finger as he spoke hendía el aire con el índice mientras hablaba
    • he stabbed the needle into my arm me clavó la aguja en el brazo
    • . Deirdre picks up the paper knife and stabs him with the weapon.
    • He critically wounded a judge named Yu, who had participated in Tan's trial, stabbing him with a knife.
    • One of the boys then pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in his right armpit.
    • There was swearing and shouting and witnesses heard a voice, saying: ‘You won't be stabbing any more women.’
    • Three men were recovering in hospital today after being stabbed.
    • He then came at me with the knife, trying to stab me in the stomach.
    • You feel you can't walk the street without someone trying to stab you or kill you.
    • An older man, probably around forty, had just killed a woman by stabbing her with a knife.
    • Whilst in custody the appellant said in conversation that although she had the knife and did stab the driver they had only intended to rob him and not to kill him.
    • The court heard that Bruin was in the process of arresting O'Neil when he pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the abdomen.
    • When she was pregnant she stabbed me with a knife but for the sake of the child I let it go.
    • A Tadcaster shop worker was left terror-stricken today after a youth threatened to stab her with a knife unless she gave him money from the till.
    • Last Friday he managed to get into the hospital kitchens, where he grabbed a knife and threatened to stab members of staff.
    • Southend police have vowed to crack down on late-night drinking in clubs and pubs in the wake of the two men being stabbed in a vicious knife fight.
    • Not to be outdone, Pujols pulled a knife and stabbed the man in the foot.
    • Evans threatened to stab him with a knife and left.
    • I don't think we should stab people and kill them.
    • He became embroiled in a fight with the pair before one of them produced a knife and stabbed him.
    • When she reached a platform it is believed an argument broke out between her and another man, who produced a knife and stabbed her twice.
    • Then, when Mr Dag told him to drop the knife, Balta stabbed him again, this time in the chest, and ran off.

verbo intransitivostabbed, stabbing

  • 1

    to stab at sth/sb
    • the pain is like a knife stabbing at the muscle el dolor es como un cuchillo que se te clava en el músculo
    • he stabbed at the letter with his finger señalaba la carta golpeándola con el dedo
  • 2stabbing present participle

    (pain/sensation) punzante
    • My guilt started stabbing away, attacking my soul.
    • He was dizzy and a sharp pain stabbed into the back of his head.
    • Pain stabbed at her from every direction, and she struggled to maintain her stony face.
    • Before she had even time to think, she felt a sharp pain stab through all her limbs.
    • He was firing when I suddenly felt stabbing pain in my right shoulder.
    • For a moment she could not move because of the pain, a sharpness stabbing her chest, then it grew less intense, shifting to lower down, in her belly.
    • Her heart stabbed with pain as she thought of her father and she turned her attention to the second painting.
    • Most women describe this pain as sharp and stabbing.
    • He paused and straightened up, grimacing at the sharp pain stabbing at his lower back.
    • He grunted, feeling the pain of the arrow stabbing at him mercilessly.
    • Then, released from the painful spasms, I let my body go limp, trying to slow my breathing, the pain stabbing out at me.
    • There was dried blood on it, and her wound was sending stabs of pain through across her stomach.
    • She took a step from him, only to stumble as a sharp pain stabbed across her abdomen.
    • But this time, something overrode that instinct to not appear weak, and she felt tears stabbing in the corners of her eyes.
    • She felt pain stabbing at her stomach and her shoulder.
    • The pilots thoughts reverted to the pain stabbing at his temples.