Traducción de stability en Español:


estabilidad, n.

Pronunciación /stəˈbɪlədi//stəˈbɪlɪti/


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    (of situation, temperament)
    estabilidad femenino
    • Since when has toughness been a prerequisite for a leader who can give his people stability and peace?
    • It is a judgement to be taken in the interests of peace, stability and reconciliation.
    • The primary objective of the monetary policy will be to secure price stability.
    • Sustainable economic growth in the region is also crucial to regional stability.
    • He has junked safety and economic stability for the average citizen and pursued his own aims.
    • This need for stability and groundedness is the product of two very different upbringings.
    • They need and deserve stability if they are to make the most of their educational opportunities.
    • My Government will maintain its key commitment to economic stability and growth.
    • Preserving their own economic stability in the medium term is the best any countries can now hope for.
    • We have had a high turnover of leaders over the last ten years which means there isn't much stability.
    • Having three good nourishing meals a day will generate a sense of well-being and stability.
    • Increased political stability during the period led to the expansion of towns and trade.
    • We can't go back to the old days of stop go, boom bust, we've got to have that stability.
    • Daniel said that the centre had given him support and stability through hard times.
    • The club badly needs some form of stability after the chaos of recent years.
    • The geometry on this racquet aids the beginner by increasing stability and power.
    • Wings on the hull sides create stability and lift to prevent the boat from flipping over.
    • The resources found in new areas will be critical to ensuring global energy stability.
    • By leaning forward, it is possible to alter the positioning and stability of the machine.
    • It is a mammoth task, but this is a great opportunity for us to set a budget which will give stability to the borough.
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    estabilidad femenino