Traducción de staff nurse en Español:

staff nurse

enfermero jefe, n.



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    enfermero jefe masculino
    enfermera jefe femenino
    • The geriatric medical team I joined comprised a consultant, registrar, house officer, and staff nurse.
    • The staff nurse reviews catheter care and maintenance instructions with the patient.
    • At varying times during her career she worked as a staff nurse in pediatrics and the emergency room, as a school nurse, and in management positions.
    • She had worked as a staff nurse, head nurse, and supervisor and, currently, was practicing as a part-time staff nurse.
    • Each intern was precepted by a full-time staff nurse as he or she rotated through all the surgical services.
    • I will uphold my role as a staff nurse using all my experiences as a bilingual nurse to make positive changes as Staff Nurse Director.
    • The initial investment by the institution is a minimum of three months before the novice is able to function as a staff nurse in the perioperative setting.
    • If you are a staff nurse, I encourage you to look at your practice environment and provide your team members with ideas on improving the process.
    • She began her career as a public health nurse, followed by several years as a maternal-child staff nurse.
    • I work as a senior staff nurse in cardiothoracic intensive care at a central London teaching hospital.
    • I continue to work as a staff nurse in addition to my role of educator.
    • I have worked as a staff nurse on respiratory, neurological and renal units.
    • Of utmost importance to the staff nurse is to know your health care employer's policy.
    • Prior to this position, she worked as a staff nurse with patients who had medical, general surgical, oncological, and cardiac health problems.
    • Her clinical experience includes management of a same day surgery unit, and she has practiced as a staff nurse in both critical care and postanesthesia care units.
    • My first responsibility was to think as a staff nurse, not an administrator.
    • In my role as a perioperative educator, I use my 25 years of experience as a staff nurse to mold the future of perioperative nursing.
    • As a staff nurse, I learned the effect perioperative nurses have as patient advocates.
    • Angela trained as a nurse at Salisbury District Hospital and later worked there for about five years, finishing as a staff nurse in the intensive care unit.
    • The staff nurse assigned to the area then followed the policies of the preoperative holding area in preparing the patients for surgery.