Traducción de staffroom en Español:


sala de profesores, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstæfrum//ˈstɑːfruːm//ˈstɑːfrʊm//ˈstæfrʊm/



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    sala de profesores femenino
    • The extension consists of two new classrooms, a library/computer room, a new staffroom, learning support teacher's room and a state of the art gym.
    • I had to send the class's assignments to the teacher's desk in the staffroom which is all the way in the other building.
    • The flooding occurred after a heavy downpour at 5.30 pm last Thursday caused water to run off a tennis court at the back of the school and into the building leaving classrooms and staffrooms under several inches of water.
    • How can they check people when they are sitting in the staffroom chatting or doing paperwork?
    • At lunchtime, Dad took me to the staffroom where the fussing over me increased dramatically.
    • Someone has left a copy of the Daily Mail out in the staffroom, and I couldn't help but notice this front page headline.
    • In fact, I was pretty sure that the latest romances were the major topics of the staffroom at recesses and lunchtime breaks.
    • When the schools opened last year both had different entrances, playgrounds, staffrooms and libraries.
    • If anyone asks where I'm going I'll say I have to pick up an assignment from the English staffroom, which is right next to the detention room.
    • His ‘study’ of pupil behaviour will, at least, cause some laughter in staffrooms up and down Scotland, a response successive governments have failed to produce from our teachers.
    • You know that the teachers go straight to the staffroom with the latest relationships.
    • A special thank you is due to Finbarr Keohan and the staff of Abbeyside School for the use of their staffroom for the week.
    • Classes are held in the staffroom, two classes are held in the entrance hall and the special needs class is held in the infants cloakroom.
    • I have spoken to a number of people within the sector since the material was released and I am very pleased to hear that the research has been generating very positive discussions in staffrooms around the country.
    • Any disunity in the staffroom could quickly transmit itself to the classroom and begin to affect the pupils.
    • Flexible working and part-time working is only available to those who can afford it - I couldn't and, when asking around the staffroom, none of the male teachers could.
    • All the five new classrooms and a staffroom currently being roofed up are self-contained - with a lavatory, a library and a foyer for putting wheelchairs while the sick bay has a shower room as well.
    • Even Mr West, the teacher who was supposed to be supervising, had popped out to the staffroom for a coffee.
    • ‘Pensions are discussed an awful lot in the staffroom because teaching is a very stressful occupation,’ she said.
    • The atmosphere in the staffroom became much more reasonable and pleasant.