Traducción de stair rod en Español:

stair rod

varilla, n.


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    (que sujeta la alfombra de la escalera) varilla femenino
    • Striking brass stair rods lead the eye up to the first level.
    • A common sight throughout the Victorian Era and into the 1930�s, stair rods were a functional part of home decor and another flourish in the exquisite detail associated with homes built during that time period
    • The stairwell is still awaiting the final touches as the family tries to find the right stair rods for the carpet but the white-painted balustrade is beautifully carved and it is not hard to imagine the end result.
    • Often referred to as the jewelry of the stair, stair rods provide a rich accent, highlighting a runner and enhancing design of a staircase.